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Re:Creators – Preview


Original Air Dates: April 8th, 2017


Synopsis: Mankind has created many stories, filled with joy, sadness, anger and deeper emotions. Souta is a young man trying to branch out into creative avenues, but can’t quite seem to get his drive going. But when he sits down to watch his new favorite anime, Souta finds himself sucked into a battle between the anime’s main character, Celestia, and an evil villain. Their battle quickly spills into our world and an age where the characters in our much beloved entertainment come to life.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Re:Creators starts off with the look and feel of a sci-fi mystery, with a lot of weird cryptic video shots and scratchy audio disturbance, making you feel like it wants to be taken as something intensely mysterious, serious and deep. However, what follows makes that opening feel even more confusing as the tone shifts to one of heated action and comedy.

Tom: Re:Creators is incredibly meta, offering up a “what if anime came to life” scenario that’ll divide audiences right down the middle. It’s an idea that immediately screams silly, but is presented with, as Linny said, an atmosphere that speaks to wanting to be taken oh so seriously. If you can get on board for a very meta story about a guy meeting his favorite anime character in real life, there’s a lot of fun to be had. From clever, true to life humor to a few impressively amusing visual gags.

When you’re only vaguely familiar with a popular saying.

Linny: The first episode is chock full of jokes once we move past the opening.  The scenes of a startled protagonist slipping into fanboy mode combined with his sheer confusion makes for some amusing character work. However, not all of its jokes land gracefully, such as an extended after credit gag that just keeps going and going. Some of Re:Creators’ humour might be unintentional, such as how our protagonist’s mother is completely laid back about all the commotion in his room, Celestia crashing into our world for the first time, only bothering to ask him to keep it down politely when he ventures downstairs.

Tom: There’s not too much to say about the characters unfortunately, as Re:Creators sees fit to go face first into the plot, without much time to build up any of its leads. Souta, the young man who pulls Celestia into this world, is pretty standard as Otaku leads go, more intent on raving about his love for Celestia’s show, which she’s of course unaware of, then addressing this surprising turn of events at hand. Meanwhile Celestia, our anime princess feels pretty much as you’d expect, with no real surprises or character traits that stand out and set her apart from other fantasy based heroines.

Linny: It’s definitely hard to get a grasp on any of the characters. They all come off rather banal and cliche. Celestia keeps swinging between bad ass fighter and blushing/flustered maiden. This comes off feeling like someone’s fantasy of what their favourite action anime female character would be like to interact with. Even the villain of the episode feels a little hammy, all maniacally evil, spouting cheesy poetic lines.

And who’s going to pay to fix that??

Tom: Re:Creators is best known as this point for one particularly odd shot. It’s a scene from a first person perspective, as Souta returns to his room to meet with Celestia again, with glasses over the camera that somehow makes his vision worse. But outside of what is, truly, a weird choice, there’s some decent if not solid art to be found in this first episode, particularly when the show dives into its big action set pieces.

Linny: Re:Creators feels like an odd mishmash for now, starting off all mysterious and then quickly switching to dumb fun. If you’re a comedy fan, you might take to this as its jokes can be pretty amusing, even if they aren’t always super unique. It’s going to take more episodes to determine exactly what all that stuff at the start of episode 1 was all about but until then, you could give Re:Creators a try if you’d like some action packed comedy.

Tom: Re:Creators isn’t terribly high brow, but it’s looking like it’ll end up being some solid, dumb fun. Even if the show does take the scenario seriously, it offers enough spurts of comedy, and plenty of action to feel like a worthwhile watch.

“Recommended: Re:Creators offers an incredibly meta story with plenty of action and comedy to accompany it.”

“Recommended: Re:Creators offers some pretty decent comedy and action but it isn’t very highbrow.”










Re:Creators is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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