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Synopsis: In 2050 engineer Derrida Yvain is famous for his contribution to “Autonomous Machine DZ,” at his father’s company, Rebuild. But when he and his colleague Nathan discover a dangerous flaw in their creation, their warnings go ignored. The next day after Nathan’s daughter Mage’s birthday party, the group barely escapes an attack by unknown forces, leading to Derrida’s unwitting captivity in cryogenic stasis. Ten years later, he emerges in a world at war with the mechanical lifeforms he helped create. Now, he fights to survive his nightmare future to make good his promise to “Take care of Mage.” (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Thank you, exposition dialogue.

Episodes 1-4 Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: RErideD got an early premiere through Crunchyroll as they launched four episodes in one go. Perhaps in an attempt to speed audiences past a difficult first episode, this sudden blast of content does little to alleviate RErideD’s overall visual blandness. Never outright ugly, RErideD is merely passable, often crafting uninspired, muddy visuals that lack visual flare. The closest we get is the periodic action sequences and even then a lot is left to be desired. But perhaps more glaring is simply how awful the direction is scene to scene, shot to shot. The realization of the story is often inept, painting things in such a poorly thought out manner that it becomes oddly comical. This speaks to a constant issue: The underlying concept of RErideD is fine, but the execution and realization of its ideas are awful.

Linny: RerideD’s biggest downfall is its lack of logic and contrived set ups. Our injured hero, Derrida, runs wildly through a forest, trying to escape his pursuers, and manages to stumble into a fully functional cryogenic facility and somehow get himself immediately frozen. Let me repeat that; A FULLY FUNCTIONAL YET COMPLETELY EMPTY CRYOGENIC FACILITY IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRIKKING FOREST. Then a decade later, the cryogenic pod is sooo derelict that it crumbles with just a light touch, yet it managed to keep him alive all these years? Something that fragile should have crumbled and broken down long ago. One could hope that a possible later reveal will be that the hero or someone else using time travel technology had built it there knowing the future/past but even then, this whole thing raises many an eyebrow. I cannot emphasize enough the lack of logic in RErideD that extends even to its action scenes. In Episode 3, an apartment on the top floor of a building gets blown up, yet the young girl inside escapes almost unscathed. We never get a proper explanation of how she avoided being blown to bits, because one second we see the bomb dropping into the apartment and the next she is hanging out of the blown out windows without a single scratch on her. Yet in the shot where the bomb goes off, threatening her life, she’s not already seen jumping for safety. Visually it makes zero sense.

The plant-robot hybrid experiment doesn’t seem to be doing well.

Tom: Things aren’t helped by a generally confusing first episode as RErideD attempts to squeeze in all its future elements: the robots go insane, time travel, conspiracy, etc. It’s a mess, with forced exposition and generally poor writing. You might be forgiven for thinking RErideD is based off an existing property, like a Light Novel or some such. That this is merely an adaptation dropping the ball in its eagerness to rush and cram. But RErideD is an original series, making all this rushed and crammed writing even more unjustified.

Linny: The world of RErideD is extremely confusing. Derrida wakes up to discover a barren and crumbling wasteland populated by bloodthirsty androids. It seems like society, at the very least in this part of the world, is dead and post-apocalyptic. Yet we later learn that the parents and guardians of teenagers let them live all by themselves in said crumbling, broken down country(?) but then a cursory look inside their apartment reveals a set up that seems almost normal and far from the extremely broken down world outside. Is this a post apocalyptic world/area where humanity is struggling to survive in a land overrun by androids or is it just very specific infested regions? RErideD seems to show no interest or intent to settle basic information like that, instead completely focused on Derrida’s journey to uncover the truth behind the tragic events that changed his life forever.

As shall we for this series because we aren’t watching anymore of it.

Tom: Characters are thin, bland and outright boring. The initial villain presented as Derrida’s main obstacle is so non-threatening that it seems more a matter of time before Derrida wins than a question of whether he can. Episode four does try to alleviate this problem, introducing a conspiracy (that doesn’t make a lot of sense) and shadowy villains to stand above our comical idiot of an adversary. Problem is the damage is already done, and this band aid of a fix doesn’t address the show’s frequent inability to depict events in a convincing manner.

Linny: Even RErideD’s own characters don’t really understand each other’s motives and personalities. A muscle for hire like character, Vidaux who takes Derrida under his wing in exchange for monetary reimbursement starts to constantly harp on about how he won’t help Derrida’s journey of revenge.What makes this extremely puzzling is that not once does Derrida seem hellbent on revenge. When Derrida first awakens, his sole focus is locating Mage, the daughter of his murdered colleague, so as to fulfill his promise of looking after her. Even after Derrida discovers the full conspiracy regarding the malfunctioning androids, his main concern remains finding Mage and protecting her from harm. Yet Vidaux just keeps going on about how he won’t enable or participate in revenge. If the possible argument is that Vidaux senses the dark path Derrida will turn to in his quest to find and protect Mage, it fails to sell it. Then there’s the issue with certain events  being contrived the sake of plot twist, suspense or sheer convenience. When Yuri, Mage’s friend first stumbles upon Derrida after 10 years, she acts like she has absolutely no idea of who he is, yet later reveals that a huge part of their existence after his disappearance was being grilled regularly about him. In fact, she even owns several videos and images with him in them making it extremely strange that her first reaction on seeing him was complete ignorance rather than shock. Moving on to contrived for the sake of convenience, we discover that despite the big bad company owner literally murdering its employees to hide controversial information, the lab and work records of said employees have been left completely untouched. This feels completely illogical as it would seem much more likely that they would be moved, deleted or destroyed to ensure the data would not be discovered by anyone else.

It’s hard trying to be both a Christmas light and an intimidating drone.

Tom: Fall started early this year, with Double Decker also getting a tease at the start of the month. While Double Decker made me excited for the Fall, RErideD mellows that hype. RErideD is a mess, plane and simple. It is best stepped over in favor of, hopefully, more promising titles set to launch next week.

Linny: To sum it all up, RErideD is a contrived and messy show that does an extremely poor job of setting its world up and establishing its characters.If you aren’t left scratching your head in confusion, you’ll be busy rolling your eyes in disbelief at all the illogical happenings onscreen that are clearly set up for plot twists or shock value yet none land because of the utter lack of proper set up or the completely predictable see-through nature of it all.

Not Recommended: RErideD opens messy, and by the end of its first four episodes hardly improves, making it an easy skip for the Fall season.

Not Recommended: RErideD lacks logic, coherent set up and convincing characters, making it one of the easiest passes in recent anime.
















RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time  is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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