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Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Mana’s dreams of stardom rekindle when she joins the Lyrical Tradition Dance Club of Marehoshi Academy to help save the group from being shut down. Now, she’ll give it her all to win the Prism Stage competition and be named the top idol! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

The expression of someone who’s still totally lost.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Re:Stage! Dream Days fills the Summer’s quota slot of extremely generic girl’s idol series. From its very opening moments Re:Stage is all kinds of predictable, the humor is cliched and expected, the characters generic, and save for one good joke about just how many clubs this school Mana is attending actually has, nothing surprises. Re:Stage! has absolute nothing new to say.

Linny: Re:Stage! truly feels paint by the numbers when it comes to both its content and cast. We have the extremely common reluctant protagonist, Mana, who has to deal with personal trauma yet finds herself strongly drawn to the club that’ll set her entire journey in motion. You can see jokes and plot developments coming because you’ve probably seen them play out in almost the exact same manner in lots of other shows and Re:Stage! doesn’t do enough (or doesn’t try at all) to make these common plot points feel fresh or renewed. The animation isn’t anything to write home about either, so much so that it makes the dancing in the actual episode, aka one of the major components of the show, look extremely awkward and unimpressive. There’s also the fact that so little effort is put into animating lip movements that the extremely auto-tuned singing doesn’t feel convincing at all, making it look like the girls are lip syncing (and doing a terrible job of it) instead of actually performing.

Puberty is a-calling apparently.

Tom: Re:Stage! is part of a relatively recent Mixed-Media Project, that includes manga, short web stories, and even a phone game. It’s a product that feels entirely tailored to that experience, in part due to the lack of originality, urging audiences to gravitate towards the other side media in order to get the full wealth of content. As a product on its own Re:Stage! is painfully dull and unimaginative. It’s another easy pass for the Summer Season.

Linny: Something that feels misleading and even confusing about Re:Stage! is that the club is called the Lyrical Tradition Dance Club and our first introduction to it is through the club president, who’s wearing an outfit that is referred to in the episode itself as a kimono aka a traditional Japanese outfit and the club room has what looks like a traditional Japanese tea room set up. All these work together to give you the impression that the club has to do with classic traditions. Yet at the end of the day, it’s nothing but your extremely generic idol club, aka a club for aspiring idols, making you wonder why everything else seems to be acting like it isn’t that. Maybe it was done for uniqueness or maybe we’ll get an explanation later down the line but for now, it feels like an extremely simple and ill planned attempt to be random/misdirecting. Also, the girls in the show are all drawn with extremely large heads and tiny bodies giving them a very chibi and youthful look. So when the club president makes a comment about the chest size of our protagonist, it feels unnecessary if not disturbing. All these issues come together to form a show that feels extremely limited and narrow, meant to woo only fans of the cute girls designs or of other musical anime.

Not Recommended: Desperate for your young, shoujo idol fix for the Summer? Re:Stage! Dream Days offers up the most generic, by the books the series you could possibly want.

Not Recommended: A predictable, common plot and cast makes Re:Stage! Dream Days appealing only to the musical loving anime fan.














Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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