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Synopsis: Down-on-his-luck Robby Yarge is about to go from deep trouble to deep space! After a second encounter with Hatchi Kita ends with him on the run, Robby decides to make for Isekandar, a planet that promises happiness. But when he finds Hatchi stowed away on his ship, the two will make the journey across the stars together! Can these total opposites survive a trek through space? (Official Funimation Synopsis)

And haven’t you heard of the saying ignorance is bliss?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Robihachi is like if you took Tiger & Bunny, Space Dandy, and a giant robot and squished them all together. It’s an absolutely absurd show, with so many elements and comedy at play that you’ll perhaps come away a little bewildered at what you just experienced. Robihachi basks in this almost manic tone, disinterested in holding your hand as it instead tries to get you to laugh at every juncture. So much focus is placed on the rapid dialogue, with Robby Yarge, our pie in the sky, dreaming bum, spitting out jokes a mile a minute. Every line is delivered with a foolishly charming attitude that makes Robby appealing as a disaster to himself. RobiHachi’s narrative feels like it’s on the back burner, as we spend so much more time learning just how much of a foolish dreamer Robby is.

Additional elements get introduced over this 23-minute, cramming a lot of development in between Robby’s incessant chatter. There’s a place known as Isekandar, that promises to make your dreams come true, and once Robby catches wind he’s all for it. Or we meet Hatchi, a young man who’s seen it all, and finds life predictable. But that’s only because he never breaks out of his cozy life bubble, born into a well to do walk of life. It then also turns out Robby has some rather aggressive debt collectors, and these minor villains spur Robby into  making his journey into space, in hopes of finding the much promoted planet of Isekandar, and finally achieving a truly easy going, no obstacles, life.

Look! It even has a nice green garden…growing on it.

RobiHachi seems poised as a buddy-space adventure. But right now things are a little rocky. For all of its manic charm, RobiHachi hinges too much on the assumption that everything Robby says is comedic gold. In fact, when the show lets Robby’s dialogue try and hold the audiences attention for too long, things start to drag. Not every line is funny, and sometimes outright dull. It’s presented with gusto thanks to solid delivery, but the actual material lacks punch.

Also, because the show is so manic it can be a little jarring to follow as new development after development pops up. But if you’re looking for something a little more off beat, and always trying to impress, RobiHachi seems geared as Spring’s manic, uneven, yet charming comedy. If it can better play up the buddy-duo of Robby and Hatchi, get the comedy to hit more often than not, and keep surprises like giant robots coming, then this may turn out to be a really fun ride.

Take it or Leave it: RobiHachi may be a tad uneven, but it has the makings of a fun, manic, buddy space adventure with wild comedy, if it can just tighten things up.



RobiHachi is available for streaming via Funimation.

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