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Saga of Tanya the Evil:

Original Air Dates: January 6th, 2017 – ???

That pool is a lot deeper than it seems.

Synopsis: CE 1923. War has broken out across the continent and the Imperial Military is in the midst of battle. Regular soldiers fight alongside Mages, specially trained soldiers capable of using powerful magic to shatter the battlefield. A young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, Tanya Degurechaff, joins the battlefield as a sound and cold tactician. Her demeanor is ruthless and her orders strict. But she gets the job done, no matter the cost or who dares to stand in her way.

1st Episode Preview (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Saga of Tanya’s animation is fairly solid, offering plenty of spectacle and mayhem for the viewer’s first time out. There’s magic to be had on this otherwise World War I-esque battlefield and the look for that feels gritty and real. Jarringly, the character designs punch a hole right through that as Tanya herself has such big doughy eyes that she looks like she was ripped from a moe slice of life anime by accident. Similar can be said for her companion, the other girl of the group, Viktoriya. It’s obviously intentional, but I’m not sure it really works as is. The same can be said for Tanya’s exceptionally evil grin at the end of the episode, meant to sell the idea that Tanya is pure evil, yet feels so over the top it strays into outright off putting.

Linny: The story for now feels somewhat plain in that lo and behold, this is yet another war based anime about one nation defending itself against invading forces and as always, there is a single character who seems to be the nation’s last hope/saviour. The animation is above average for all the numerous battle sequences so that’s a positive. The vibe and setting of the show seems to have taken inspiration from Russian and German history presumably, given the names of our characters and some of the symbolism; such as referring to their nation as their Fatherland. There’s also a tinge of religion as our protagonist utters a ‘holy prayer’ before she launches her attacks. It all makes for a very heavy mix of fantasy and history.

When your friend is being an idiot but you don’t know how to stop them.

Tom: The technical details of the war’s climate, troop deployment and basic scenario are laid on a bit thick, likely to make less enthused viewers perhaps glaze over as we get filled in on the battlefield deployment for warring factions we really have little to no interest in. If you’re a military buff it’s probably pretty fun information, if you’re a bit more average, like me, you’re likely to struggle. This is made up for thanks to some intense action, with explosions and magical abilities ripping the battlefield and soldiers to pieces. The episode does a good job of sucking you back in and making you interested in watching as Tanya makes her presence felt. But what’s at the heart of this episode is introducing us to Tanya, the main of the series and the central focus for near every scene.

Linny: The show does its best to sell you just the kind of a person Tanya is, maybe even a bit too much by the end of the episode. They really, really want you to know what a twisted personality she has through an expression that is so intense, it comes off comical but at the same time, it does a good job building up to the moment otherwise.

Tom: Tanya bounces between intriguing and ridiculous, especially thanks to that final, over the top, entirely too sadistic expression the show ends with, which seems to be pretty divisive already. Tanya is extremely tactical, blunt, rude, arrogant, and heartless. She’s going to be a tough sell, and anyone who prefers their main characters likable best jump ship now, Tanya seems anything but.

Linny: To put it in anime terms, Tanya is a female protagonist in the vein of other cold hearted evil genius protagonists like Lelouch from Code Geass. So far, she seems to have no qualms about punishing those that disobey her and  delights in inflicting punishment. She’s heartless, calculating,  intimidating and other characters make reference to her as being a monster. However, this first episode already throws out a subtle hint that Tanya may be more than what she appears to be and has a secret all of her own.

Hello, Mr McGlare Face!

Tom: Because this episode is so squarely focused on setting and Tanya herself, it spends little to no time fleshing the rest of the cast out. In fact, it appears there’s only one other central cast member introduced, Viktoriya and she seems to mostly exist as a foil to Tanya, to help exemplify the kind of girl our evil little brat is.

Linny: When Viktoriya is first shown properly interacting with Tanya off the battle ground, she seemed to act as a moral compass for Tanya, someone who would help her from acting too evil or insane. However, by the end of the episode, she seems more an innocent bystander, forced to watch helplessly as Tanya spreads her reign of terror.

Tom: Saga of Tanya the Evil is based off the Light Novel series of the same name. I’m pretty mixed on this episode, unsure if I can personally stomach watching a bratty evil girl be cold and ruthless week to week. I imagine it’s an issue a fair number of viewers will struggle with, but if it doesn’t bother you, or you’re itching for some hardcore military action with a bit of magical power thrown in for good measure, Tanya seems like it’ll do the job.

Linny: As someone who rarely enjoys war based stories because they either end up being too brutal or too boring, I already had some personal apprehensions about this show. Based off the first episode alone, there isn’t anything in it that appealed to me personally. However, for anyone else, if you have a soft spot for cruel, young geniuses/proteges, Tanya does have the potential to be a solid watch… and there’s that tempting little twist it teases that it has yet to truly reveal. The solid animation should help to further sell the show, so long as you can stomach the contrast in the facial features of Tanya and Viktoriya compared to everyone else.

“Take it or Leave it: Saga of Tanya the Evil has some great art, solid atmosphere, but an unlikable main character might make it a struggle for certain viewers.”

“Take it or Leave it: If you enjoy war themed stories and young, conniving protagonists, Saga of Tanya might hold promise for you.”












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