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Sagrada Reset – Preview

Sagrada Reset:

Original Air Dates: April 5th, 2017 – ???

That’s a bit harsh.

Synopsis: Near half of Sakurada’s population, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, has some sort of unique power. These range from something abstract like entering the mind of a cat, to resetting the world back to a certain point in time. There is a group known as ‘Kanrikyoku’ that controls and monitors the use of these powers. Asai Kei and Haruki Misora work for a school club called “Houshi”, which is charged with executing missions received from Kanrikyoku.

Misora has the ability to reset the world back three days. This means that all events and memories of the past three days vanish as the world is thrown back in time. But Kei has the ability to ‘remember’ the past, even after Misora uses her powers to reset things. Working together these two use their powers to solve missions issued by Kanrikyoku.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Sagrada Reset’s washed out, simplistic, talking head visuals are just the tip of the iceberg, matching the series entirely boring execution of what could’ve been an interesting and intriguing premise.

I’ve seen mannequins with more emotions.

Linny: Our leads have got to be some of the most deadpan characters so far this season. They’re both so stone faced and impassive that you’ll find yourself struggling to care for either. In fact, their conversations almost sound like two robots exchanging inputted lines of dialogue. The show makes it clear that the girl is that way for a reason, that she does it to avoid being overwhelmed by her sad feelings but that’s a tired cliche at this point and the show fails to make it feel refreshing or intriguing.

Tom: It feels like an obvious mistake to have two near emotionless, low key leads. Whenever these two are interacting with one another everything slows to a crawl and attention wavers. There’s no passion, no sense of care to anything they say, making it very difficult to become invested. While what they’re saying is often heavy, discussing emotion and states of being and delving into what makes them them, this philosophical and psychological chat is undermined by these characters and the boringly basic framing of shots that it’s oh so easy to find your attention drifting away.

When you aren’t used to interacting with kids.

Linny: The premise of a duo who can reset time and ‘fix’ things the second time around is just brimming with potential but Sagrada Reset is so dull in its first 20-ish minutes that it’s hard to stay invested. The monotone voice acting, combined with some very basic animation, lends zero charm to the nuances of the story and makes you feel like you’re stuck in one of the most boring lectures of your life.

Tom:  It really is a perfect example of an intriguing story presented in the most boring way. That said, the show does pick up a little in its final minutes, offering up a truly intriguing mystery, but is it enough to potentially sit through another drab twenty-two minutes of emotionless leads?

Linny: If you manage to actually get invested in the pseudo psychological and morality discourses held in the earlier parts of the episode, you’re going to be blown away by the mystery injected into the last couple of minutes. However, for everyone else, you might find yourself questioning if you want to risk sitting through more of that monotone torture for the sake of an answer to said mystery.

The tsundere is as strong as ever.

Tom: Sagrada Reset at the very least has an opening that does nothing but disservice to its overall narrative. At worst? It’s a sign of how drab and boring this two-cour mystery is going to be. I’m tempted, just, to see how the mystery plays out in the second episode, but this series would need to pick up significantly for me to recommend it.

Linny: I went into Sagrada Reset expecting intriguing, dynamic action and characters and that most likely severely hampered any chances of its wooden leads winning me over. If you do not enjoy emotionally handicapped characters and low grade animation coupled with monotone discourse, you’d do best to steer as far away from this show as possible. However, if you enjoy or don’t mind impassive leads who might eventually be unlocking some intriguing mysteries, you could end up thoroughly impressed and engaged.

“Not Recommended: Sagrada Reset hardly seems interested in itself, with boring visuals and emotionally stunted leads making everything feel oh so uninteresting.”

“Not Recommended: Poor animation, and stone faced/voiced leads hamper the potential of Sagrada Reset’s mysteries.”












Sagrada Reset is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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