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Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

Original Air Dates: January 6th, 2017 – ???

I wouldn’t swing that if I were you.

Synopsis: At a newly established Private All Girls High School, Goryoukan Academy, there’s a bit more going on then the daily classes. Mysterious apparitions known as “Oburi” have appeared from a rift in space-time. The only people capable of combating these menaces against mankind are girls known as “Strikers,” who possess the ability to sense the fifth dimension. The school is in reality an organization that seeks out girls with this ability and trains them up as the “Fifth Force,” a strike team capable of fighting the Oburi menace back.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Hey look, it’s another anime staple this season. Schoolgirl Strikers is yet another show about a group of ‘cute’ highschool girls who battle evil monsters in sexy outfits that are completely impractical. If you’ve been an anime fan for a while, you’ve seen this premise often enough to know exactly what to expect. For anyone else new to all this, the animation doesn’t look exceptional so far, and the story might be average at best and while it isn’t the worst of the lot, you could probably find more engaging shows this season without looking too hard.

Tom: Schoolgirls is the very definition of generic, which is unsurprising given its origins as a smart phone game. It’s not to say what Schoolgirls offers is especially bad, it hits all the standard beats, offers the action you might expect, but none of it feels worthwhile or terribly engaging. A big problem being that nothing here has unique enough a draw to make Schoolgirls shine amongst the rest of its kind.

Linny: The show does try to inject some comedy and cuteness through the more daily life aspect of these girls and while there are some funny facial expressions involved, most of the humour fails to really hit the mark, once again due to its generic nature.

Presenting one of the cutest robots in anime.

Tom: All our girls are fairly bland, outside of the two leads (at least I think they’re the leads) Tsubame, who desperately wants to join the other girls at the same school, and Yuumi, who is constantly on the look out for cool school legends to build up. Trouble is, outside of a couple quirks, they just feel… bland. The show doesn’t present the right scenes, dialogue, or action to make any of this feel engaging enough for anyone who’s seen plenty of similar mobile game adaptations. The only point at which the show presents anything memorable from the experience is its anthropomorphized, chibi roomba mascot. But a cute mascot is hardly enough of a selling point.

Linny: For me, it was literally only Yuumi who managed to stand out as the hyper and eager character of the show, who’s also a little simple minded and considered a bit of a bumbling goof by others. Everyone else barely showed any defining personalities. And like Tom mentioned, there is a rather interesting ‘mascot’ character who might sound familiar to fans of Magical Girls Raising project from last season.

Tom: A lot of problems stem from the fact that Schoolgirls Strikers is based off a mobile phone card collecting game, hence why the girls all have similar outfits, are formed into teams, etc. It’s very much like Kantai Collection. Games like this often make for poor adaptations, as the real driving force behind them is really just the art. And while there are exceptions, like Kantai Collection, they often don’t have the story/writing chops behind them to feel like anything more than an anime cash grab for a successful game. 

Linny: Animation wise, the episode looked okay but there is a heavy usage of washed out colours in the combat scenes. Maybe that was done to help the CGI blend in better.  Whatever the reason may be, here is our friendly warning to anyone who dislikes the washed out filter that’s becoming more and more popular in anime of recent.  

Backhanded compliments still count as a compliment, right?

Tom: Schoolgirl Strikers isn’t bad. It’s just bland. It lacks stand out features to set it apart from the rest of the pack and if you’ve already seen a lot of its ilk there’s really very little to hold you. It’s perhaps worth a look in if you appreciate the cute girls and vaguely interesting story of their fight against older worldly menaces, but for anyone who’s seen any mobile game adaptation before it? There’s nothing new here.

Linny: There’s nothing in Schoolgirl Strikers’ premiere that stands out for better or worse. There’s nothing in it that’s exceptionally bad or good and considering this is yet another card game adaptation, it seems likely to be yet another forgettable series that’s actually just an ad for a game at the end of the day.

“Take it or Leave it: Schoolgirl Strikers is little more than a generic smart phone game adaptation, hitting all the staple beats, but offering nothing that makes it stand out from the pack.”

“Take it or Leave it: Yet another ‘ad’ series for a card game, Schoolgirl Strikers is average at best with generic characters.”











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