Spring Anime 2020 Coverage



Below you will find our collected coverage for the Spring Anime 2020 Season. Coverage ranges from 1st Episode Reviews, to Mid Season/Series Reviews, and Full Reviews.

Titles marked with * are Netflix titles and will become available to Western audiences at a later date.

Appare-Ranman! |1st Episode Review

Arte |1st Episode Review

Ascendance of a Bookworm 2nd Season |1st Episode Review


Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement- |1st Episode Review

Diary of our Days at the Breakwater |1st Episode Review

Gal & Dino |1st Episode Review

Gleipnir |1st Episode Review

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2nd Season |1st Episode Review

Kakushigoto |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review|Full Review

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! |1st Episode Review

No Guns Life 2nd Season |1st Episode Review* (Has been postponed to a later date.)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review|Full Review

Sakura Wars the Animation |1st Episode Review

Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!? |1st Episode Review

Shadowverse |1st Episode Review

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle |1st Episode Review

Sing “Yesterday” for Me |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review|Full Review

TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls |1st Episode Review

The 8th son? Are you kidding me? |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review

The House Spirit Tatami-chan |1st Episode Review

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED |1st Episode Review

Tower of God |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review

Wave, Listen to Me! |1st Episode Review|Mid Season Review|Full Review

Woodpecker Detective’s Office |1st Episode Review