Winter Anime 2019 Coverage

Below you will find our collected coverage for the Winter Anime 2019 Season. Coverage ranges from Previews, to Mid Season/Series Reviews, and Full Reviews.

Any dates offered indicate the tentative release date for said coverage, rather than the air date for the show itself.

*Netflix titles tend not to have a Western release until some time after their Japanese runs.

Boogiepop and Others |Preview|Mid Season Review

Dimension High School |Preview

Domestic Girlfriend |Preview

Dororo |Preview|Mid Series Review|Full Review

Endro~! |Preview

Girly Air Force |Preview

Grimms Notes The Animation |Preview

Hinomaru Sumo |Preview |Mid Series Review|Full Review

How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno. |Preview

Kaguya-sama: Love is War |Preview|Mid Season Review|Full Review

kemurikusa. |Preview

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka |Preview

Meiji Tokyo Renka |Preview

Mob Psycho 100 II |Preview

My Roommate is a Cat |Preview

Pastel Memories |Preview

Revisions |Review

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan |Preview

Run with the Wind |Preview|Mid Series Review|Full Review

The Magnificent Kotobuki |Preview

The Price of Smiles |Preview

The Promised Neverland |Preview|Mid Season Review|Full Review

The Rising of the Shield Hero |Preview|Mid Series Review|Full Review

The Quintessential Quintuplets |Preview|Mid Season Review

Virtualsan – Looking |Preview

WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me |Preview

W’z |Preview