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Seven Mortal Sins – Anime Review

Synopsis: Before Lucifer’s fall, Hell was ruled by seven demon lords, known as the Seven Mortal Sins. These beautiful and tempting devils seek complete corruption of the world, but everything is about to change when Lucifer is cast down to their realm of Hell, and takes up arms with an Earth girl named Maria. Whose corruption will rule Hell and the hearts of mankind? (Official Funimation Synopsis)

Have you– not been watching this series AT ALL, old man?

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Seven Mortal Sins continues to be smut, although that’s hardly a revolutionary statement. But the series ups its fan service elements, becoming borderline hentai at times during the back half of its run. The series introduces tentacles molestation and gets entirely more sexual and even ‘rapey’ the farther we get in. It’s a true bastion of filth for fans of erotic anime and not at all for anyone else.

But with erotic, sexual content and the exploitation of the female body being Seven Mortal Sins chief sin (haha) that means animation woes are all the more detrimental to its primary appeal. There are increasingly significant dips in animation quality, with plenty of off-model, wonky shots peppered throughout every episode particularly in the back half of the season. This stems from an overly troubled production that faced multiple delays and the near death of Studio Artland. Lows existed before episode seven, but become all too prominent as the series enters the home stretch, making a climatic final battle feel shallow, empty, and not at all memorable.

A battle so epic even the animation can’t hope to keep up.

There is an effort however to keep the busty assets of our buxom heroines looking voluptuous as ever, and the series largely succeeds in any of the close ups, which remain the most visually stable element of the series.

But the series focus on fan service comes at an extreme detriment to its other elements. As Seven Mortal Sins enters its final stretch the story attempts to ramp up into an epic final battle. Animation trouble aside, the series fails to set our characters on paths that culminate in a gripping finale. Too much time is spent on showcasing how Lucifer subdues the other Sins and puts them under her control and not enough on Lucifer’s relationship with Maria, who remains a crucial character to the plot. Maria and Lucifer’s love for one another goes entirely under explored, making you continually wonder what either really sees in the other. So when the finale hinges upon their affection, the entire story falls apart.

Coupling that is a painfully ineffective transition from Lucifer’s one-off battles with each Sin week to week and the more epic battle to take control of hell. The shift between these arcs is jarring, under sold, and poorly achieved. Even the final episode suffers a number of convenient developments that force the series into a sappy, perfect conclusion that feels entirely unearned and overall lame.

And because why not? A sky hell whale!

It’s unsurprising that the characters and story are the series weakest aspects, as they exist as flimsy justification for throwing naked bosoms in the audiencies face. But when the series animation, the one area it needs to get right in order to secure its place as a titillating ecchi, flounders and stumbles, the other deficiencies shine through.

Overall Seven Mortal Sins is a mediocre anime, unable to keep up its promise of naughty naughty ecchi content, delivering disappointing visuals and a story that collapses in on itself. When we’ve got ecchi anime like Keijo!!!!!!!! taking center stage, and even offerings like Valkyrie Drive feeling like meatier efforts, Seven Mortal Sins only just passes the bar, and even then you’re likely passing up far greater series you could use to tickle your depraved fancies.

“Take it or Leave it: Seven Mortal Sins struggles to provide its titillating ecchi offerings due to floundering visuals and an already flimsy narrative that collapses the further the series goes on. It’s saving grace is its sheer absurdity.”


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