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Seven Mortal Sins:

Original Air Dates: April 14th, 2017 – ???

Could this be imagery…naaaa..

Synopsis: Because she committed the sin of pride against God, the Great Angel Lucifer was cast into Hell and became a Fallen Angel. Also at the lowest level of Hell, the hierarchy of demons have sealed away Lucifer’s powers. Lucifer had lost everything, but along with the Demon King of Envy, Leviathan, that admires Lucifer and a high school girl she met on Earth named Totsuka Maria, she becomes the Demon King of Pride Lucifer and begins her journey to get revenge on the Seven Demon Kings of Hell. A book of Revelations with the “Seven Deadly Sins” portrayed by beautiful Demon Kings is about to begin.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Let’s make this clear from the get go, Seven Mortal Sins is in no way a follow up, or shares any relation with Seven Deadly Sins. This series features an entirely different host of characters and while both veer into sexual territory, Seven Mortal Sins wallows in that area frequently. It’s an ecchi of epic proportions as seen by the character designs of its entirely female cast who are, generally, all ‘epicly’ well-endowed. But unlike the other ecchi offerings this season, Seven Mortal Sins is more in line with Valkyrie Drive or HxH, frequently drifting past sexual undertones and fan service into straight up soft-core porn territory. It’s titillation is marred however, or perhaps transformed into humor, by frequent censoring. Either way, Seven Mortal Sins from the outset is best left to the hardcore ecchi crowd and should be avoided by more general audiences.

Linny: If you’re not into extreme fan service aka soft porn anime, the characters in the show all seem too busy flashing their endowments as cliched oversexualized and haughty cliches to display any interesting characteristics or personalities. Literally every single one of the Mortal Sins and our fallen angel Lucifer come off as either angry or vain with a whole lot of fan service in your face.

Anyone else getting flashbacks to the superfamous upside down Spiderman kiss scene?

Tom: The characters are generally defined by their overly sexual and revealing behavior. Outside of the excessive fan service, there isn’t much to any of these characters you haven’t seen before. Near every character introduced is written with all the flavor of standard Japanese archetypes, meaning within just a few lines you’ve got a pretty good idea of how each character is going to behave, making it all the more important you’re here for the perverse sexual content rather than the cast themselves.

Linny: So far, the main story is very simple, Lucifer upsets God, gets cast down to earth and then hell as punishment and now out of anger, frustration and desperation ends up having to join and later fight the Seven Sins as she decides to seek revenge for what she believes is her unjust expulsion from heaven. The first episode switches between what’s happening with Lucifer and what’s happening with Maria, a young human Lucifer encounters while falling from heaven. The scenes with Lucifer are very fan service laden as we watch her adopting a new persona as a fallen angel while Maria’s scenes are mostly of her confused by what just happened and struggling with her faith over it. The scene switches between the two can feel a little jarring and neither balances the other out very well.

Tom: Of what story is offered, there’s a decently interesting one with an almost epic quality. A story of angels and demons, with plenty of boobs and butts thrown in, still feels gripping and grandiose. The action, the fights between Lucifer and the other Sins, is where Seven Mortal Sins becomes most approachable for more general audiences. But that isn’t saying much as the girls are so scantly glad you’re still watching boobs and butts jiggle all over the place, with plenty of censoring to accompany it.

I hope you have a super extended warranty for that thing.

Linny: At the end of the day though, all that fan service cheapens whatever grandiose story it could offer. When you literally have characters licking and sucking the nipples of each other in your first episode itself, it’s hard for more conservative audiences to take the show seriously. Heck, the fan service in this show is so prevalent that the human characters, who seem like secondary cast members, engage in some butts groping randomly of their own. Almost every scene ends up getting a dash, or rather a bucket load, of fan service, quickly replacing and reducing whatever serious tone it might have had.

Tom: I completely understand anyone put off by Seven Mortal Sins. It’s entirely shameless, unapologetic, and rife with oozing fan service that can’t help but drift into soft-core porn territory now and again. If it wasn’t for the censoring, I’d say Seven Mortal Sins was perfect for ecchi lovers, not afraid to push boundaries and just be shamelessly honest about its goals. But the censoring further limits the audience, ensuring more perverse viewers walk away disappointed, but then isn’t enough to drag a more sensitive, less sexually driven general audience back to their seats. It sits in this odd grey area where the only people appeased are the ones who find censoring an amusing addition. But if you’re an ecchi lover, I do think it’s a worth a look in, as it’s still the most shameless offering this season.

Linny: Let me re-iterate Tom’s statement that this show is ONLY for those who want a ton of perversion and titillation in their anime as anyone else is going to be left thoroughly turned off by its fan service. As someone who doesn’t enjoy ecchi, it was hard for me to truly get engaged into the story and while the show does have grand elements, you NEED to be okay with or enjoy the fan service to truly appreciate the main plot. So, to summarize, don’t watch this show unless you’re an ecchi fan.

“Recommended: Seven Mortal Sins is Spring 2017’s Valkyrie Drive or HxH, entirely shameless in its desire to provide the most absolute perverse ecchi content you’ve seen in awhile. Perfect for ecchi fans, awful for general audiences.”

“Take it or Leave it: Seven Mortal Sins is the ecchi of the season. Pick it up only if you love ecchi but be aware of the heavy censorship.”














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