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She and Her Cat -Everything Flows- – Review

She and Her Cat -Everything Flows-:

Original Air Dates: March 4th, 2016 – March 25th, 2016

This is going to end sad, isn’t it?

Synopsis: A young girl struggles with life as a college student, her attempts to find a part time job, and living alone for the first time. With her is her cat, who’s been her constant companion since she was but a child. He loves her as only a cat can, but as her struggles mount, will their relationship suffer?

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: She and Her Cat -Everything Flows- is only a paltry four episodes at just eight minutes each in length. With that length, you can’t exactly expect a deep story, but you can expect some truly beautiful artwork. Daru, the cat of this brief anime, looks amazing. They’ve managed to depict one of the best looking animated cats in recent years, going all out to recreate a cat’s fur, eyes, and movements as realistically and authentically as possible. It’s actually really impressive. We have a cat that looks much like Daru, and the authenticity of the movement, and appearance of the fur is truly impressive.

Black Cats seems naturally aloof.

Linny: The aesthetic of She and Her Cat skillfully conveys the intimate but simple nature of the show, matching it in pace and theme. The pastel colours lend a vibe of nostalgia and coziness aimed at making the viewers bond with the characters and the story.

Tom: The owner of Daru, known only as “She” to Daru and the audience, is a decently put together character. Due to her and Daru’s nature, she remains simple in the depiction of her life goals and desires. She values independence and seeks freedom from her parents in classic teenage spirit, but struggles to achieve that freedom as she’s turned down for job after job. She’s not all that complex, and it’d be asking a lot of a 4 episode, 8 minute short series to go deeper. Also by keeping her simple “She” speaks to a larger audience, on a near universal level, appealing to that time when each of us sought that independence from our families to strike out and make our own way in life. Daru himself, while perhaps even more simple a character, evokes strong emotions for anyone who’s owned a pet before and developed a strong bond. He’s a heartwarming character that feels realistic up until the final episode, which both has its pluses and minuses.

Funny enough this is the cat talking about their owner.

Linny: The general vagueness and ‘blandness’ of the female protagonist does indeed seem to be a clear attempt to make her relatable, and helps the story resonate with the audience. This may act against the show by repelling viewers who prefer vibrant protagonists. The show has the cat narrating the story, which makes the entire tale feel in parts amusing, and also whimsical. It also helps the audience connect with Daru, understand and even relate to the bond between pet and owner.

Tom: The story, being what it is, is solid. We watch as the girl struggles, and how that affects Daru, who is aware of her struggle, and her depression because of it, but being a cat he’s unsure of what to do, how to help, and how to reconnect with her as things get worse for her. For anyone diving in, it’s clear from the tone of episode one that She and Her Cat won’t have a truly happy ending. You’ll shed a tear, especially cat owners, as you recall your own childhood pets and the way they comforted you when you were sad or felt alone. The ending itself, albeit briefly, loses its believability as Daru manages to reunite his owner and her mother at the girl’s hour of need. It’s heartwarming, although anyone seeking a resolution a bit more grounded in realism will be disappointed. The story also goes the extra mile of trying to make itself end on a happier note, but again realism is thrown out the window in favor of a more spiritual conclusion that’ll really only resonate with people who are okay with an emotionally driven conclusion. For non-animal lovers, She and Her Cat is already a tough sell, and the ending won’t sit any better with you either.

Hey, that’s ignorance and superstition, young lady!

Linny: The story is all about the development and history of the bond between pet and owner as we see the rocky start of their relationship contrasted against the easygoing and comfortable bond between them in the present. It’s simple, slow, and sure to resonate with pet owners. However, the aesthetics and pace make you fear the worst from the very start, so more emotional viewers may view the entire series with a sense of dread looming over them. Young adults struggling to find their purpose in life, or starting out on their own for the first time, will also strongly relate to the protagonist as she struggles through all the very same things.

Tom: She and Her Cat isn’t a must watch for everyone, In fact I’d say it’s a requirement you love and adore animals to even bother picking up the series. That probably doesn’t even need to be said. But if you’re an animal lover, or grew up with a childhood pet, you’ll find She and Her Cat makes you feel melancholic for the days you spent with your beloved childhood friend, and remember the good times you once had. You’ll most likely conclude She and Her Cat not thinking so much about the show itself, but with a few tears in your eyes for all the memories of your own beloved pet.

Linny: As Tom said, this is a show for pet owners and animal lovers. There’s nothing extremely enlightening and the mildly hammy ending will turn away all but the pet owners who will be too busy tearing up over their own pets.

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take It or Leave It: Clearly aimed at pet owners in the mood for a lazy, sentimental or nostalgic watch.”

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“Recommended: For animal lovers who want a sweet, concise, heartwarming tale.”












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