Space Battleship Tiramisu – Anime Preview

Synopsis: In the distant future mankind has expanded out across space, but that has only lead to a divide between those who live across the cosmos, and those who remain on Earth. With war raging and threatening Earth itself, the denizens of the planet construct a most power space battleship: The Tiramisu. Aboard is mankind’s one ace pilot, Subaru Ichinose, who is– perhaps more quirky than anyone could’ve imagined. Now, this slightly insane individual is man’s best hope for victory.

And he’s not afraid to let you know about it.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Most 10 minute short form shows feature the bare minimum of animation, sometimes resorting to an animation style that almost makes the show unwatchable. Thankfully, that is not the case with Space Battleship Tiramisu. It’s premiere episode boasts of animation and design that looks competent and impressive when compared to most other short form series. It may not be the best animation but most viewers shouldn’t find much that detracts from the experience.

Tom: As a Mecha fan I might complain that the CGI mechs, particularly the ineffectual and quickly slaughtered baddies, feel stiff, wooden and don’t move in a visually engaging fashion. But Tiramisu more than makes up for that with zany comedy, absurd happenings and an overall deadpan, off-kilter tone. It’s this weird mix of Mecha combat, sci-fi comedy, and a focus on slice of life that oddly works.

To him, it was a friend, a comrade, a lover…

Linny: Tiramisu’s first episode focuses squarely on the daily misadventures of its pilot, Subaru Ichinose. From his struggle to eat a snack in the cockpit to having worn his t-shirt inside out, Subaru’s random problems are taken from the mundane to the absurd and hilarious as he comes up with the most insane ‘solutions’ to his problems.

You might damage some vital bits jumping an entire mecha.

Tom: Based off a manga, Tiramisu must’ve done something right this whole time to generate enough popularity to get an anime two years into its run. I can’t help but fear that Tiramisu’s odd-ball style of comedy, predicated on the absurd, random, contrasting nature of the day to day and mecha trappings won’t hold up over a full anime run, even at a 10-minute an episode run time. That said, based upon what I see here, Tiramisu is well worth a look in, entertaining in its own, awkward way for a solid premiere episode.

Linny: Space Battleship Tiramisu seems slated to be one of the better, maybe even best short form anime this season. It’s perfect for fans of zany and absurd comedy though as Tom mentioned, this type of comedy can easily lose its charm in its attempt to remain ludicrous. But if you have 10 minutes to spare, Space Battleship Tiramisu does enough to make its audience amused and entertained for the moment as you watch pilot Subaru handle all sorts of mundane problems with over the top flair.

Recommended: Space Battleship Tiramisu brings an awkward and amusing tone to the daily life of an ace mecha pilot trapped in the day to day of space warfare.

Recommended: Space Battleship Tiramisu offers zany, over the top comedy about the struggles of being a mecha pilot.














Space Battleship Tiramisu is available for streaming via Crunchyroll and will be receiving a simuldub at Funimation.

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