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Space Battleship Tiramisu – Anime Review

Synopsis: In the distant future mankind has expanded out across space, but that has only lead to a divide between those who live across the cosmos, and those who remain on Earth. With war raging and threatening Earth itself, the denizens of the planet construct a most power space battleship: The Tiramisu. Aboard is mankind’s one ace pilot, Subaru Ichinose, who is– perhaps more quirky than anyone could’ve imagined. Now, this slightly insane individual is man’s best hope for victory.

And you should thank her for it.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Space Battleship Tiramisu is not a series you watch for the visuals. More often than not Tiramisu looks sub-par, with CGI for the mecha action that is extremely jittery thanks to a low framerate and character art that frequently steps into off-model territory. It’s obviously a low budget short through and through, and outside of a handful of static images with greater detail, Space Battlesip Tiramisu never looks great.

And that’s her chest, yes.

Linny: Tiramisu may feature mechs prominently but it is a true comedy all the way. Rather than focus on glorious battles in space, Tiramisu tells us the tale of Subaru, the pilot of the Space Battleship Tiramisu and his many eccentricities and equally eccentric experiences in space and in daily life. Tiramisu draws its humour from taking something everyday and injecting it into the strange setting of space with a twist, such as having a giant space dog that you need to walk using your giant mech, having to clean up after it, a space traffic cop interrupting an intense mech battle showdown, or a mech mechanic, who’s motherly in appearance and behaviour, turns your cockpit into what looks like your grandmother’s living room. Things get progressively more bizarre, featuring not one but two episodes with sentient pubes, yes you read that right, sentient pubes! Also, if the image above has you wondering if Tiramisu features fan does have a bit of it in the form of one of the few female characters. It’s never ridiculously sleazy but you do have to sit through the usual breasts on display scenes which pepper the series on a handful of occasions.

Tom: Subaru, really all the characters in this series, are extremely weird, with outrageous, quirky personalities and bizarre habits. While much of the comedy can come from their increasingly odd-ball nature, sending the series into some strange places, the other half of the series is entirely balanced on poking fun at some of Mecha anime’s major concepts. Subaru has a extrasensory sense that’s obviously taking shot at something like the Newtypes of Gundam, or injecting real world elements into this sci-fi mecha scenario, like space police catching people for speeding, even out to the battlefield. This injection of more mundane habits or developments having an outlandish effect on space anime’s tropes is the series’ bread and butter and what makes for the best content.

I guess when you’re stuck in space with few women around, mech boobs count.

Linny: But that doesn’t mean that Tiramisu is all about one off gags. Around the mid point of the series, we start to delve into Subaru’s past, family life and are introduced to several twists. This could prove to be a double edged sword for the show as while this underlying plot attempts to give the show more depth and more topics to turn into gags, it also doesn’t always make for the smoothest of transition with the rest of the show and its humour.

Tom: I will say for as much as I appreciate it’s absolutely, balls to the wall, insane nature, the series does lose itself a bit mid-way, as we get bogged down in Tiramisu’s ‘main plot’ and drift away from the more slice of life approach. It’s those day to day moments in Subaru’s life, and weird quirky happenings that make for the best experience, and when the series abandons that on a harder lampoon of sci-fi mech tropes, coupled with exploring it’s own lore and backstory, the series starts to wane. Thankfully this drift away from the best content is eventually undone and it’s then smooth sailing through to the season’s end.

Yes, it gets weird in this show.

Linny: Even if you are someone averse to mech, Space Battleship Tiramisu is a must try for comedy fans, particularly comedies that make fun of tropes and cliches in its medium/genre. The show’s bizarre humour should please audiences with a penchant for that kind of comedy and given its very short run time, should be a breeze to binge through in one sitting. If you’ve been looking for a competent short form anime to make you chuckle, and enjoy strange, maybe even juvenile jokes, you need not look further than Space Battleship Tiramisu.

Tom: With the announcement that Space Battleship Tiramisu is getting a second season this October I have to admit I’m excited. The series ends on such a cliffhanger and has so much bizarre personality I find myself dying to see what they do next. It’s not the best show of the season, easily losing to Hinamatsuri even on comedy chops alone, but it is the strongest short-form series and stands out as something I might even say has a shot as Short of the Year.

Recommended: Looking for a lampooning of the mecha genre and quirky, bizarre slice of life aspects? Space Battleship Tiramisu offers both, crafting it’s own, unique, mecha universe with bizarre characters and quirky comedy.

Recommended: Space Battleship Tiramisu takes the mecha genre and turns it into a roaring comedy, filled with bizarre gags and trope-mocking jokes.















Space Battleship Tiramisu is available for streaming via Crunchyroll and has a simuldub at Funimation.

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