Space Dandy Season 2 – Anime Review

Synopsis: Space Dandy is a dandy guy in space! This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels the galaxy in search of rare aliens. (Official Funimation Synopsis)

As you are an anime character, I’d say almost all of you is sketch-ed-ey. Bad puns FTW.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Space Dandy’s 2nd half takes a hit compared to the first. While the series always operated on a kind of hit or miss nature, something not uncommon with anthology series, Season 2 is far more miss than hit. Almost half of the 13 episode run consists of either boring, plodding adventures that fail to grab you, or feel downright disappointing in other ways. Problems range from unappealing animation, bland story-telling, or grating audio/sound effect choices.

Linny: Now this does come down to personal preferences but like Tom said, we actually did the math and discovered we disliked a lot more episodes from Season 2 than we did from Season 1. Thus, for anyone with similar taste, it is going to be a rather disappointing experience as this second season pales in comparison to its predecessor, offering up mediocre story lines and downgraded animation.

Someone needs to go back to elementary school and work on their spelling skills.

Tom: Space Dandy started experimental, but Season 2 ramps that up even more, allowing for several very different and diverse animation styles. But it’s this further experimental freedom that really hurts Space Dandy, taking things too far at times and away from what made the series so appealing in the first place. What’s here is often too wildly different, or rough in execution, making Season 2 a trudge to get through just to find the few diamonds scattered in an otherwise unimpressive season.

Linny: Season 2 goes about trying to give the audience some serious answers and plot lines, something that wasn’t such a priority in season 1. And even though the explanations are sloppy and lack conviction, it’s something that viewers seeking answers might still appreciate. Unfortunately, these explanations still end up messy and nowhere is this more evident than how the show handles its penultimate episode. While the episode is setting things up for a mind blowing reveal, it still ends up feeling like one of the most pointless/wasted episodes of the season, which is quite a feat to achieve despite being a set up episode.

Tom: Space Dandy’s conclusion also leaves much to be desired as everything is wrapped up abruptly in the final moments, with few scenes letting us know how our characters turned out after everything is said and done. It makes for a ho-hum conclusion to Dandy’s outrageous romps through space.

That’s not how red cards work.

Linny: My main dissatisfaction with this second season arises from the fact that I had grown accustomed to and loved that it was a show that didn’t ever try to make any logical sense or offer any explanation for all the insanity. So the shift in tone and attempt to make sense of it all was hard to embrace, especially given how the transition is done in an extremely rough manner. However, the ending of Season 2 gives a new spin to all the previous events and episodes of the show, making the viewer see things in a new light. This alone makes the season something of a must watch for fans of Space Dandy but it’s also paramount that one proceeds with caution because of the shift in focus. Ultimately this season is still a decent watch, bringing in some good laughs and a bit of ‘logic’ to the crazy world of Dandy but is likely to displease with it’s weaker stories, animation and an ending that does feel more flawed than satisfying.

Tom: There’s no question that the 2nd half of Space Dandy is the weaker half. But as Linny says it’s still worth it for people who really grew to love Space Dandy, even if only half of the episodes feel worthwhile. For anyone who was less enamored with the 1st season, or only found it good, not great, I’d suggest a pass. I personally don’t feel as positive as Linny does about this 2nd season, and find myself feeling like the best bits of Dandy remain in that first outing, with the 2nd not offering enough to make me feel like it’s any kind of must watch. But if you walked away from Season 1 absolutely dying for more Dandy, this second half is for you.


“Take it or Leave it: Space Dandy only becomes more experimental with its second installment of anthology episodes, making it even more hit or miss than before.”

“Recommended: While Season 2 offers up weaker stories and gets too zany, its spin on the saga of Space Dandy will make fans see the entire series in a new light.”












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