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Space Patrol Luluco – Preview

Space Patrol Luluco:

Original Air Dates: April 1st, 2016 – ???

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Synopsis: Luluco is just your normal junior-high student whose father happens to be a detective at the Space Patrol Police force– wait what!? Luluco lives in an alien immigration city, for aliens seeking to become a part of the Earth’s population. She lives alone with her father after her mother moved out and took all the furniture. After her father does a stupid and eats a space freezing capsule, Luluco is forced to rush him to the police office to make sure he doesn’t clock in late! In order to pay off the expensive procedure to return her frozen father to normal, Luluco is drafted into the Space Patrol force. But Luluco just wants a normal life!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Luluco’s story is simple. It’s essentially just a ‘fish out of water’ tale as Luluco becomes a Space Patrol officer, but apparently had no idea this was what her dad’s job was like! Beyond that, Luluco is just plain wacky. Everything is absurd from its humor to its visuals. The humor is over the top with ‘stupid’ type jokes; from the Police Chief constantly prematurely arresting and unarresting Luluco to simply adding the word space to literally any form of action. It’s absurd, but a lot of fun due to its hyper nature, constantly cramming as much humor as it can within its short, eight minute run time.

Linny: The absurdist humour makes the show feel almost like a parody of sci-fi police shows even though it wasn’t originally labelled as one. The jokes come hard and fast, which will either have you laughing out loud nonstop or feeling overwhelmed by all the craziness happening on the screen. Everything is loud and over the top, from the jokes to the voices of the characters.

Tom: Luluco herself is our ‘straight man’ stuck in this increasingly bizarre world. She’s constantly surprised and in awe of the oddities that she encounters alongside the audience. Interestingly enough even the space aliens that she goes to school with act a bit as ‘straight men’ during Luluco’s ‘transformation’ sequence into her new ‘space patrol uniform.’ It’s honestly something you have to witness for yourselves. Moving on though, Luluco introduces us to several other quirky characters, namely her father (who may or may not have a part to play moving forward) and more importantly the Space Patrol Chief: Over Justice. He’s insane, there’s no way around that and, coupled alongside Luluco’s transformation sequence, makes for one of the most memorable parts of this premier episode.

This looks like a flashy magic show scene.

Linny: Luluco makes for a nice ‘straight man’ character with her pessimistic and bewildered reactions. Her reluctance and frustration seem so natural and appropriate, especially when played against her father and the space patrol agency, both a source of exaggerated and ludicrous humour. Though the premiere episode was focused mainly on Luluco, the OP and ED sequences make it clear that there are more characters just waiting for their turn on your screen.

Tom: Visually, Luluco is highly stylized, with an animation style that screams Studio Trigger (makers of Kill la Kill and former members of Studio Gainax), but is also fairly simplistic. As a short anime goes Luluco actually looks pretty good, despite its low-budget animation (that’s covered up quite well by the series’ beautifully quirky art.) The visuals easily sell the bizarre sense of humor that Luluco establishes here. The music is quirky as well, but interestingly enough the Ending song goes the opposite direction. It’s cute and laid back, with experimental live action/cardboard cut out visuals bringing a fittingly odd conclusion to Luluco week to week.

Linny: Fans of shows like Kill la Kill and Panty and Stocking should feel nostalgic, or a sense of familiarity, when viewing this show. The similarity is striking when it comes to character design and colour choices. Though less detailed than them, Luluco manages to be just as colourful and vibrant. The decision to go with a laid back ED song and animation feels like an attempt to help the viewer wind down after the crazy antics that happen during the show. Or maybe it’s just an artistic choice. Either way, the show is sure to leave an impact with its hyperactivity and insanity, further sold by voice actors who seem very much into their characters, injecting them with personality and energy.

Go, go gadget gun.

Tom: Space Patrol Luluco is a wholly original work from Studio Trigger, home to many former members of Studio Gainax. Space Patrol Luluco is actually one of two shows from them this season, the other being the Crunchyroll hyped Kiznaiver coming later this month. So Luluco seems to be their small, side project for the season. That said, Luluco isn’t something to ignore, and if you like your anime balls to the wall hyper, Luluco is sure to please.

Linny: Space Patrol Luluco is the first show we got to watch for Spring 2016 and it was quite a way to kick off the new season. With its super colourful visuals and equally hyper comedy, Luluco is sure to please fans of absurdist and over the top humour.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Luluco offers the spastic nature of late-90s/early 00s Gainax that so many people fell in love with. It sells its quirky, odd ball nature at every turn and is sure to please people who want their anime hyper and insane.”

Linny Recommend Badge

“Recommended: If you like your shows to be out there with crazy gags and wacky characters, Luluco is sure to thrill or at least have you gasping WTF.”













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