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SUPER HXEROS – 1st Episode Review

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Synopsis: Earth faces an unprecedented threat from an invasion by the mysterious Kiseichuu. The Kiseichuu feed on human sexual energy, known as H-energy, weakening the human population. High school student Retto Enjo is a member of the hero group, HXEROS, and together they fight to save the Earth—with or without clothes. (Official Funimation Synopsis)

I’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Super Hxeros doesn’t open the Summer season with a bang, but at least its not a whimper either. The series pins itself as a semi-competent ecchi-action-comedy, offering a good goof or two, fun Sentai-ecchi parody, and a modest display of erotic pandering that should appease the core ecchi-fandom. But don’t expect Super Hxeros to be the next Food Wars, capable of transcending its primary audience and marking itself as something for all anime lovers. The truth is Hxeros is a gaggle of tropes and worn ideas. Don’t get me wrong, they’re put together competently enough, but there’s nothing new or truly exciting here either.

The series opens like any classic anime romance; A young Retto Enjo is at the local playground with his friend, Hoshino Kirara, who clearly, even as a child, has a strong romantic fascination with Enjo. Unfortunately things are hinted to take a grim turn as a menacing shadow looms over the two children, and Teenage Enjo offers narration indicating this marked the day he wanted to become a Hero. The episode then largely progresses as any well-versed viewer might expect. Flashing forward Enjo is the typical mild-mannered ecchi protagonist, less overtly horny and not so eager to ogle the female form. Still he lands himself in hot water with the modern version of Hoshino, whose love for him has completely disappeared. Their relationship only sours further after an accident down the stairs leads to an, unsurprising, impromptu groping.

Perverts have always been around tho..

It’s here then that Super Hxeros finally starts to address the menacing shadow and attempt to showcase how it’s going to be different from other ecchi, although it’s not as if ecchi-action/sci-fi hasn’t been done before. We’re introduced to the idea that the Earth is gradually being invaded by horrific bug monsters that suck our life force away, specifically whenever humans are actively displaying any kind of physical lust (Though this isn’t terribly consistent outside of the incident used to introduce us to the concept.) The idea is a fun one, particularly as Enjo and others turn out to be Super Sentai-esque heroes who fight off these bug monsters using erotic energy, but still it’s an idea the series hasn’t seemed to put a lot of thought into. There’s a disconnect between this threat of life sucking aliens, which is apparently known about publicly enough to be discussed on TV, and the way society hasn’t seemed to react to this threat at all. The world is exactly the same as ours, and aliens are able to sneak up on unsuspecting crowds as if their threat remains a mystery, even though it’s not.

From there Enjo gets to fighting the big bad aliens, reconnecting with his childhood friend, Hoshino, and we’re treated to a couple fan-service ecchi segments along the way, ones that thankfully don’t rely so much on accidental groping or other, tired tropes. A lot of the ecchi content comes from the same kind of fantasy visuals Food Wars employed when characters were foodgasming, or simply from the mechanic of our heroes utilizing their ecchi-life energy to obliterate the enemy, with happens to obliterate their clothes as well. This at least makes the series more approachable for anyone who’s often put off by how frequently ecchi can stray into sexual assault territory.

And here we see a dream dying.

All that said, Super Hxeros is still fairly generic. The dynamic between Enjo and Hoshino is played out, and offers little new. Enjo himself is a dry protagonist that’s near forgettable. And these characters are still high school kids, around 16 years of age. That’s not going to win it any points with more general anime fans tired of underage characters being the focal point for erotic fan service. Super Hxeros does offer a pretty good set of what any ecchi fan is seeking however. Outside of the disconnect between the monstrous threat and the way society is reacting, or not reacting, to it, this remains an otherwise decently competent ecchi. It’s likely to be a title that appeases that core fanbase, and if you’re in need of some ecchi shenanigans, Super Hxeros does seem prepared to satisfy on that level.

Take it or Leave it: Super Hxeros isn’t the worst way to start the Summer season, but it is still a fairly generic, uninspired ecchi-anime, with little that is worthy of praise.



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