Takunomi – Anime Preview

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Synopsis: Michiru Amatsuki just moved to Tokyo to change jobs. She lives in Stella House Haruno, an all-female boarding house, where she makes new friends who share her love for good food and drinks. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Nobody told me this was a supernatural horror show.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Takunomi is part of the increasing trend of food based anime: Anime that serve little more than to produce sequences where characters chow down and enjoy tasty food or great drinks. Don’t expect deep characters, or drama, or any kind of real characterization because Takunomi, perhaps more so than these other anime, is really just a beer advertisement once we get to the bottom of the glass. This is perhaps the thinnest of these food based anime I’ve seen yet, with the bare minimum of justification before we throw our characters into the beer and watch them drink it all up.

Linny: It’s ‘Alcoholism the anime’ and there’s no two ways about it. It’s hilarious watching the screen blinking warnings against engaging in excessive drinking while also singing praises galore nonstop about alcohol and featuring characters who are clearly drunk or engaging in heavy drinking. And as Tom already mentioned, Takunomi is at best yet another entry in the recent slew and slowly rising genre of women doing barely more than eating or drinking and going on and on about the great taste of the items they consume.  

And so..alcoholism runs deep in my family. *cue cute smile*

Tom: There isn’t a lot here to talk about in all honesty. Michiru moves to Tokyo, meets a couple gals she’ll be rooming with, gets along with them, and within minutes they’re guzzling down beer and munching on snacks like there’s a food shortage. Only in the show’s final minutes do we wrap around to try to provide some thin excuse for the series’ existence, other than as a commercial for various kinds of beer. If food anime is your thing, don’t worry, it’s got plenty of that. If you want to watch something with more meaty characters and a story you can bite into, rather than the food, this ain’t it.

Linny: One generally does not expect a lot from short form anime like Takunomi and indeed, this show does nothing to raise itself above the average drivel. You get wafer thin characters with a singular purpose, some bright colours to help sell the visuals and a few tiny ‘gags’ sprinkled throughout. Takunomi is going to best and only be enjoyed by those who love food appreciation shows and the idea of cute anime women with a strong love for alcohol.

“Not Recommended: Takunomi offers bare bones characters and a thin plot to provide the most minimal of justifications for our characters sitting around and guzzling beer. Commercial anime at its most honest.”

“Not Recommended: Takunomi is basically an extended alcohol ad in anime form.”















Takunomi is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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