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TerraFormars: Revenge – Preview

TerraFormars: Revenge:

Original Air Dates: April 1st, 2016 – ???

From a gore fest to a playground scuffle.

Synopsis: Earth was becoming overpopulated, forcing into effect a plan to terraform mars with the use of cockroaches and mold. But nearly 500 years later, the plan went south. The cockroaches evolved into giant humanoid versions of themselves, bent on destroying any human to set foot on Mars’ soil. Needing a cure for a virus spreading across the globe, humanity was forced to send a crew of super humans, infused with various insect and animal abilities, to kill the cockroaches and bring back samples. The mission went poorly as the cockroaches were prepared for them.

Now, Akari and the others have survived the initial wave sent to defeat them upon touching down on Mars. Can they really gather one thousand samples of these mutant cockroaches and bring them back to Earth in order to generate the cure? Or will these brave souls meet their end on Mars?

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: TerraFormars: Revenge doesn’t exactly inspire confidence going forward for this highly anticipated continuation. Let’s start off with the obvious, outside of a stellar opening sequence that was immensely impressive, the animation quality jumps all over. we’re talking characters looking off model, stilted, lacking detail animation, you name it. It’s never truly awful, but for a show that had some fairly competent visual fidelity in its first season, Revenge is incredibly disappointing. I’ve looked at the production info, and perhaps this is, in part, due to the addition of TYO Animations, who hadn’t worked on the first season. That’s not even counting all the staff changes, from as high as the Director and Character Designer. The CGI animation is also different, and this portrayal of the swarms of TerraFormars doesn’t look menacing at all, but rather inept and doofus like.

Linny: The drastic change is unignorable and most fans who loved season one for its grittiness, insane combat and violence are in for a shock. Not only is the tone and animation different, there’s a marked change in the motion and movements of the characters. Punches and blows are landed as if hitting putty, lacking force and effect. The entire show also bears the look of a generic shounen manga, all colourful and upbeat as opposed to season one’s tense and stressful atmosphere. Brace yourselves, guys for the new season even has CHIBI characters.

Tom: The portrayal of characters and the very tone of the story is vastly different. As Linny said, it’s like watching an entirely different show with more of a shounen manga feel, colorful, upbeat, with a few mildly dark elements thrown in. The dark atmosphere and serious nature of Season 1 is gone in favor of all this and it’s hugely jarring. At times Revenge doesn’t even take itself seriously, slinging out joke after joke to ease the tension; then again, with this new tone, there really isn’t any tension.

Actually..yeah, he kinda is.

Linny: The base story remains unchanged with no giant twists or reveals in the first episode so far. However, like Tom mentioned, the style of storytelling being employed this season is the complete opposite of S1.

Tom: Some of the lighter moments go so far as to give us little gag manga, chibi side panels as Linny alluded to before. While similar light-hearted moments of relief were present in the manga, nothing of its like was present in the first anime, making this continuation feel wholly odd and will most likely come as a major shock to returning fans.

Linny: The character pool seems limited to our original core cast, or to be more specific, certain surviving teams for now. Maybe this will mean that the individual characters in each group will get more exposure. However, familiar faces do not feel familiar thanks to the change in animation style and much sillier personalities.

Tom: Outside of the animation problems, and tonal issues, I disagree slightly with Linny, as the characters largely felt the same to me as their depiction in series one, meaning you should find the characters you loved still just as they were, assuming the slightly goofball tone doesn’t pull you out of the show.

Fast food sizing is getting ridiculous.

Linny: I cannot emphasize enough the change in tone, animation and even personalities that’s happening in this new season of TerraFormars. The show seems to be missing all the gloomy tension from season one where death and despair were the only certainty each episode. Season 2 has all the characteristics of a cheerful and hope filled shounen series and is sure to generate strong reactions from S1 fans.

Tom: If you decide to give this second season a try, and quickly find the tonal change and animation dip just too jarring, know that the Manga has been localized up through Vol. 7, where Season 2 begins. As a TerraFormars fan, I’m honestly unsure if I want to keep watching, this isn’t the show I’d signed up for.

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take it or Leave it: If you loved the gore, gloom and violence of Season 1, this season may not suit you. However, if you wanted the show to lighten up a f*** ton, your prayers may have been answered.”

Tom TiolI Art Badge

“Take it or Leave it: TerraFormars: Revenge feels like it’s taking Revenge on us for enjoying the first season so much. Here’s hoping episode 1 was just an outlier and the quality improves.”













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