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Synopsis: The life of an artist can be hard: Long, arduous hours working with only your thoughts and assistants to keep you company. In the case of overworked mangaka Aito his attempts to merge the two are so far unsuccessful. His priorities are askew and subjecting his assistants to his fantasies has taken precedent over work. Despite his abuse of power, his assistants are willing to play along. Thankfully, editor Mihari is there to keep him in line, from threatening to fire him to physical punishment. (Official The Anime Network Synopsis)

If you have to ask, the answer is a no.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Right off the bat, based on the synopsis alone, The Comic Artist and His Assistants screams of a cheap and sleazy comedy. Once you watch the actual show, it becomes clear that while it’s definitely not for the modest audience, it isn’t downright smut either. A pervy mangaka sexually harassing his assistant sounds reprehensible but the show manages to show some actual heart and innocence amongst all the cliche sexual gags. The show is still pretty sexist, no doubt about it but it won’t have you calling for the head of the mangaka and it does toe the line between funny and outright smut better than a lot of other similar anime.

I’d be careful throwing that term out.

Tom: The show doesn’t entirely hinge on Aito’s perverse fantasies and fulfilling them, providing additional avenues of humor, many of which don’t focus on the girls just accepting Aito’s perverse ways for what they are. That said, there are still segments of the show where female characters are perhaps too understanding and accepting of Aito’s sexual harassment levels of behavior. He gets away with quite a bit, though maybe never quite steps over the line for this type of comedy, and the show certainly never condones his actions, at least not entirely.

Linny: The jokes are definitely not original or mindblowing but neither are they rampantly graphic or depraved. Comic Artist manages to makes its characters somewhat likeable, dare I say even endearing. Once you find a character or two you enjoy, it becomes all the more fun to watch them interact with all the other characters in the show, most of whose personalities can be rather out there. And despite featuring one male lead and a bevy of female characters, it avoids the temptation of turning into a typical cliche harem. Other than that, it manages to be average and predictable in its humour and story in the most non offensive manner possible for a show that contains a fair share of fan service like elements and lewd humour.

A man torn in two..just like his magazine collection just was.

Tom: Comic Artist isn’t all that original with its humor, although it does feature a stand out joke or two. Only on occasion does it get truly hilarious. But an enjoyment of perverse and sexual humor is required as the show relies heavily on that subset of comedy. Like the show has pigeon-holed itself in the kind of comedy you can expect of it, so too are its characters. Much of the cast fits easily into classic anime archetypes. While it doesn’t devolve into a true harem, it could even be argued that Comic Artist contains many of the classic harem elements, making it doubly off-putting for anyone sick of questionable men becoming surrounded by women. I feel this short is best for lovers of sexual humor and those who aren’t entirely burnt out on harem anime trends. 

Linny: There’s no ifs and buts about it. You NEED to be okay with and enjoy crude, lewd jokes and content to even consider checking out The Comic Artist and his Assistants. But don’t expect it to be a parade of semi nude women and sexual moans either. A fair amount of the humor relies on the women reacting to Aito’s strange behaviour and requests, sometimes accommodating him but usually dishing out some punishment for it. As a quick, slightly crude comedy, The Comic Artist is definitely an efficient offering of its genre so long as one enters it with tempered expectations and a love of cliched, lewd humour.

“Recommended: The Comic Artist and His Assistants offers decent laughs for lovers of sexual humor and harem-esque tropes.”

“Recommended: While trope ridden, the show does a decent job of being funny without getting too offensive or lewd.”












The Comic Artist and His Assistants is available for streaming via and The Anime Network

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