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The Day I Became a God – 1st Episode Review

Synopsis: Yota Narukami had a life to live—or at least he did until he meets young Hina, who declares the world will end in 30 days. Scorning her prophecy, he refutes her prediction but questions himself after seeing her abilities in action. Moving in, they find a common bond most unexpected. Is it true, is it really the end? More importantly, why did she pick him to spend their final moments together? (Official Funimation Synopsis)

Have you looked in the mirror?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The Day I Became a God starts things off with a first meeting between our ordinary high school Yota and cosplaying middle-schooler ‘Odin’ that drags on just a little too long. Yota’s initial disbelief of ‘Odin’s’ claim that she is a god drags as he repeatedly questions her, trying to get her address or typical route home, so he can lead this ‘lost child’ back to her parents. ‘Odin’ tries her best to convince him that she really is a god, then gets frustrated as he takes her serious answers as a joke and refuses to acknowledge her more sarcastic responses. It’s the same joke again and again for several minutes, in the same location and while ‘Odin’s’ exasperated and exaggerated responses add some spirit to the proceedings, it’s a huge relief when the show finally moves on.

Tom: It’s definitely a slow start, but one worth wading through. The Day I Became a God really picks up once Yota has accepted he’s stuck with this girl for the time being, and takes her along with him to the library for a study session/pseudo-date. It’s here the show successfully transitions to a rapid fire comedic pace, which is alight with perfect comedic timing, expressive character art, and generally well realized humor that makes this one of the most memorable Fall openers.

Because otherwise there wouldn’t be a show.

Linny: What really made me fall in love with The Day I Became a God, despite its stunted start, is what happens once Yota realizes that Odin does possess at least the ability to predict the future accurately, even if he still doubts her claims of being a God. The utter enthusiasm and dedication with which Yota uses Odin’s abilities to set up a situation where he can impress his unrequited crush is hilarious. And what follows is even more hilarious as the universe and Odin lead Yota onto humiliation after humiliation. The episode does a great job of weaving in suspense and hope with comedy that’s bound to leave most viewers bursting with laughter. And of course, having Yota react to his misfortunes with equally over the top expressions further adds to the hilarity of it all.

But you are in an anime plotline right now.

Tom: Yota’s transformation from a bland straight man into a manic overreactor seals the deal, but I am somewhat apprehensive about exactly where The Day I Became a God is going to lead. The writer behind this series is non other than the infamous Maeda Jun, known for Angel Beats, Charlotte, Clannad and others. Charlotte, his last major outing, was severely crunched, opening with wild comedy that eventually fell away in favor of heavy, fantastical drama that didn’t entirely land. Seeing as The Day I Became a God is currently listed as a Drama Fantasy, without any mention of the comedy present here in Episode 1, I worry this will follow the same path and ultimately fall apart by series’ end. For now though, based solely off of what’s here in Episode 1, I think The Day I Became a God is more than charming enough to give a chance, despite our author’s track record.

Linny: For now, the humour in The Day I Became a God is it’s strongest draw and it would honestly be a shame if the show were to eventually abandon that completely. Though it starts shaky, once it finds its footing, this first episode then goes on to some great comedic set up and gags, even employing more down-to-earth situations for laughs. By giving our protagonist an unrequited crush, it immediately makes him a sympathetic character without having to lay on any heavy emotions or set up. If you have a free spot on your watch list and you could do with some laughs, definitely do give The Day I Became a God a try but do keep in mind that given its drama tag and its author’s previous works, things may start to go downhill or in a completely different direction sooner rather than later.

Recommended: The Day I Became a God has a comedic and charming start but its drama tag could mean things deviate more than some might like.

Recommended: The Day I Became a God opens a little slow, and then explodes with on point comedy.
















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