The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Full Form) -Preview

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.:

Original Air Dates: Juy 10, 2016 to ???

May as well enjoy what you’re stuck doing.

Synopsis: Saiki Kusuo was born with a wide array of super powers. From Telepathy to Telekinesis, this guy has it all. It might sound awesome, but Saiki’s found having these superpowers ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Keeping a low profile, Saiki tries to lead a normal life, but that doesn’t always seem possible.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Saiki K has been quite an oddity this season. It initially launched last weekend with a special short episode, followed by new releases each day. It begged the question as to exactly what the full episode series premiering this past Sunday would entail. Was it an entirely new series with the specials acting as inbetween filler? As it turned out the full series is little more than the specials combined into one full episode. Now having spent more time with Saiki K, it’s much more clear where the series is going. The show is very much a slice of life detailing his everyday experiences at school and at home. What’s been great so far about the series is its wide array of jokes, gags and all around humor keeping the show varied enough to ensure it never feels one note or stale. I’d actually say it might be the best comedy available this season.

Linny: Saiki K is perfect for those who want a show filled with absurd and over the top scenarios and gags, similar to shows like Sakamoto. While the show is centered on our protagonist, a lot of the humour comes from those around him which helps to keep the laughs rolling. It’s never serious and it’s likely to not impress those who want their comedy with a bit more substance. In fact, the show has a plot hole in the very first few minutes of its first episode. However, there’s still plenty of laughs to be had, with Saiki’s powers sometimes leading to a mess even when he thinks he is doing the right thing.

Run, kids, run!

Tom: Building off of the first special, the subsequent short-form episodes and first full episode introduce a bunch of new characters that keep the comedy varied and ever flowing. We have Saiki’s idiot friend: Riki Nendou, the Chuunibyou of the class: Shun Kaidou and a self-obsessed pretty girl: Kokomi. Together these characters add so much more flavor and it becomes obvious that Saiki K has a lot of range, a lot more so than some of the more one note comedies this season, like First Love Monster.

Linny: Some viewers might dismiss Saiki K as yet another show about a guy trying to hide his powers and ending up in ridiculous situations because of it. Thankfully, Saiki manages to be ridiculous without becoming too idiotic, earning laughs without resorting to the exact same joke over and over again. It helps that if you enjoy over the top humour, every single character introduced in the story has their ridiculousness dialed up to 11 thus makes them all an entertaining source of laughs.

I never thought I’d say this but that poor snake.

Tom: Ultimately which format you’d prefer to experience Saiki K through (Shorts or Full episodes) is up to you. The full episodes simply combine the short specials with little, if any, extra animation outside of a full ending credits sequence and next time promo. So pick whichever format works better for you.

Linny: Saiki K is for fans of absurdist humour who don’t like the same punchline  repeated endlessly. It doesn’t resort to absurd facial expressions but rather utilizes silly situations and strange characters to bring the laughs.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Saiki K is building up to be one of the best comedies this season. Perfect for viewers who like a lot of variety with their humor.”

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“Recommended: One of the funniest comedies this season, especially if you like absurd humour.”











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