The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Short Form) – Preview

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Short Form):

Original Air Dates: July 3rd, 2016 – ???

Not even 1 year old and already number two.

Synopsis: Saiki Kusuo was born with a wide array of super powers. From Telepathy to Telekinesis, this guy has it all. It might sound awesome, but Saiki’s found having these superpowers ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Keeping a low profile, Saiki tries to lead a normal life, but that doesn’t always seem possible.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Saiki K is a potentially fun character: apathetic and annoyed with his life despite the immense powers he wields. It’s a fun juxtaposition, but doesn’t entirely work when Saiki K becomes whiny over his powers in an attempt to present a downside to his abilities. This ‘grass is always greener’ logic doesn’t float here so much and is the least effective aspect of this episode. Surprisingly, Saiki K’s parents and their total obliviousness/nonchalance to their son’s abilities is a major highlight and where most of the solid humor comes from.

Linny: If you read the summary and decided this was going to be yet another show where the hero is cool/talented but doesn’t want to be, you are kind of right. Saiki K despises his powers and has the whole ‘poor little rich boy’ complex which might grate some viewers. On the other hand, it has a ton of random and extreme humour that seems to draw a lot of fans every season and to its credit, Saiki K manages to pull off its random comedy. For now anyway.

That’s one talented kid.

Tom: Saiki’s short-form outing doesn’t even hit five minutes, so we never move past the most basic of introductions to his character. His origin takes up most of the four minutes as well as a brief glimpse into his everyday life. It’s all fairly amusing, with lots of varied humor to keep things feeling fresh. the episode dips the most though when Saiki goes on his extended monologue about how having all these abilities isn’t actually all that great. It’s the weakest aspect, but as long as Saiki doesn’t harp on it too often the series seems to have enough varied humor to offer plenty each episode.

Linny: The short run time also means that it’s over before it gets too grating. If you enjoyed the humour, it means you are left wanting more and eager for the next helping. Saiki K did make us laugh with its bite sized humour and this is hopefully a good indication and teaser for what’s to follow in the full, twenty-four minute length series. And for those of you who couldn’t get enough of Sakamoto desu ga? last season, Saiki K might be your new favourite.

But this show is anything but normal.

Tom: There’s a pretty big potential plot hole that comes in at the end of the episode. Saiki supposedly has the power to read minds, yet once it’s revealed that his parents, who were super lovey dovey when he was born, now hate each other, Saiki says he doesn’t know why that is. But how can that be? Surely if he can read minds, one of the two must’ve thought about their doomed marriage at some point? It doesn’t make a lot of sense and means one of two things: Either this’ll become a joke/gag reveal later on, or this indicates how little thought you’re supposed to give things here.

Linny: Short form shows are often over looked, but thanks to this being a companion series, it might earn more attention this season. If you’re down for a quick chuckle that doesn’t need or want you thinking too hard, Saiki K deserves a chance. At worst, you can use it to determine if you should set aside time to watch the fully fleshed out show when it finally premieres next weekend.

Tom: Saiki K. works pretty well in this four to five minute capacity, of which we’re supposed to have a whopping eighty-five episodes! (Supposedly one a day?) In addition to that we’re getting a twenty-four full length episode series. I can’t help but wonder if it’ll really work in that longer format as a lot of the strong comedy came from very quick hitting jokes one right after the other. Twenty-four episodes is hardly conducive to that. That said, I did enjoy this first episode and am looking forward to my daily dose of Saiki K. I just hope the full episode format coming next weekend provides just as much entertainment.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Saiki K isn’t perfect, and falls flat when he tries to assure you it sucks having super powers, but there’s a host of other gags and humor to keep things hilarious.”

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“Recommended: For a short show, Saiki K offers its fair share of laughs thanks to its random and varied comedy.”












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