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The House Spirit Tatami-chan – 1st Episode Review

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Synopsis: Cute but rude! Tatami-chan is a crazy-cute heroine taking on the ghosts, spirits, and even humans residing in the Tokyo metropolitan area in the new Reiwa era! Oshikiri’s unique style is on full display in this thrilling horror-gag comedy, coming soon! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Just how does one use a room ‘properly’?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

The House Spirit Tatami-chan is nothing to look at. The animation offered is exceedingly limited, even for a short-form anime. The entire show takes place in Tatami-chan’s new flat. She’s a house spirit that comes from the sticks and is living, for the first time, in the big city. The show is framed in one static mid shot, with periodic zoom ins on characters faces. Characters typically only have two modes of movement: either standing about flapping lips or having some kind of limited reaction animation; like when Tatami-chan gets angry she jumps up and down. This makes Tatami-chan the kind of anime that then hinges on the quality of its writing and I’m sorry to say but that quality is not there.

This first episode consists of dialogue hammering home the premise. It’s meant to be amusing, as Tatami-chan’s landlandy, the ghost who haunts her room, and a neighbor grill her on if she knows anything about Tokyo. But it’s all such bare-bones dialogue that nothing strikes out as particularly clever. Even when the show has Tatami-chan turn the tables on this trio of characters, it’s all too simple and unsatisfying. The gist is that Tatami-chan is a house spirit, the kind in Japanese folklore that decides if you’ll have a bountiful future or a pitiful one. Again though, this sequence is nothing more than Tatami-chan stating various outcomes and watching the characters react at the thought of a pleasant future or an unfortunate one, all at Tatami’s whim.

Frankly unless you’re somehow starved for entertainment I don’t see how Tatami-chan offers much of anything worth tuning in for. Short anime are rarely incredible, but Tatami-chan is another lower tier below that, feeling much closer to, say, an amateur youtuber’s comedic offering, than something professionally crafted. Unless the uneven and rough presentation does it for you, I think this is another easy skip for Spring.

Not Recommended: The House Spirit Tatami-chan suffers bare-bones animation and just as bland writing, making for a dull experience.


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