The Morose Mononokean Chapters 24-27 Review Discussion

The Morose Mononokean:

Chapters 24-27

Reviewed by: Linny


Them’s some fighting words there, Ashiya.

Synopsis: Hanae Ashiya has been suffering from bad health ever since a fluffy demon decided to attach to him. At the end of his rope, he stumbles upon an ad for exorcists placed by Haruitsuki Abeno, the owner of a tea shop named the “Mononokean”. Though Abeno does turn out to the solution to his problem, he then demands that Ashiya pay him a fee of a million en (en being the official currency of the spirit world) for his services. Being a broke school student, Ashiya is forced to work for Abeno and in doing so,explore the curious world of demons and exorcisms.

Chapters Synopsis (Heavy Spoilers): After being fired, Ashiya does his best to not only recover his special sight but also to be a Mononokean employee again. However, even after he regains his sight, there are some who are still not happy. Just as things are calming down, The Mononoken receives a summons from the Legislator who claims to be in urgent need of aiding and Ashiya finds himself once again alone on a dangerous quest in the spirit world.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):


If it works, it works.

Hands up those who knew what was going to happen in Chapter 24. Every single one of you? Okay, I thought so. While it isn’t surprising that Ashiya gets his vision back, it would have added more drama if it had taken less than a chapter to get to it. On the other hand, some readers prefer to get to the point sooner rather than later, especially when they know the outcome already. Depending on which category you fall into, your enjoyment of the chapter will most likely vary. It’s all still a sweet process, especially when we find out how hard everyone was working to help Ashiya, even if some of them seemed to be going about it in a roundabout way. I was thrown for a loop when Ashiya had a casual conversation about losing his job with his classmates as I was certain they didn’t know anything about the Mononokean or the supernatural job he had but as their mentions of it were rather vague, I assumed he had just described it as a generic part time job to them. There were some diversions too as Ashiya began musing about joining a club but ultimately it all just proved to be an exposition of his experiences and changes that resulted from joining the Mononokean as opposed to his expectations before joining high school.

Chapter 25 was one of that hit me the hardest as it dealt with the effect that Ashiya’s problem had not just on him but on everyone else. It was fluffy and cute, yet deep and melancholic at the same time. We are reminded of the mortality of Ashiya and Abeno and realize why humans aren’t meant to mingle and get attached to demons and vice versa, all while enjoying the squeal inducing cuteness of Fluffy pouting and then having a sleepover at Ashiya’s house.


AAAA! Face hugger!! Oh wait, it’s just Fluffy.

Keeping up with the trend of mixing serious with silly, the next chapter focuses on the Legislator turning to the Mononokean staff for help after he is injured and unable to complete his work, or so he claims. As usual Abeno isn’t buying it one bit but a flash of cash means Ashiya is more than eager to take the job as he is still highly in debt from the time Abeno helped ‘exorcise’ him of Fluffy. The chapter keeps flowing from serious to silly and back again and we eventually get to a frightened Ashiya forced to set out, on his own once more, to return a misplaced scroll. For a guy who seems to get into trouble whenever he is on his own, Ashiya seems unable to avoid it especially in the spirit world. Some may find comfort in the familiar and steady formula being adhered to by the story, but others may start to tire more and more of how predictable most plots have become. Every time Ashiya falls into trouble, he always escapes unscathed so there’s never a serious sense of alarm or suspense. How he gets out of the situation though can be rather entertaining as is watching him fumble and stumble his way out. It will make up for the predictable ending for those who love the personalities of the characters but it’s risking losing those who wanted an edgier supernatural story. Even the humour relies heavily on the reader enjoying the characters and their personalities. If you don’t like any of the characters, watching them making the same mistakes repeatedly and having a lot of the jokes be based on them being themselves will prove to be a boring and disengaging experience.


Worst back massage ever.

The final chapter for this review, Chapter 27 in particular was frustrating to me as we get introduced to a scary and mysterious new character but his introduction is so sudden and his relationship to the cast and the story is completely unknown. It felt like I’d just spent a chunk of time reading something that had no relation to the current story. To make things worse, there has been no mention of him even once before or after this chapter so as I was reading to the latest chapter, I couldn’t help but feel like his introduction was rather premature and underwhelming in the grand scheme of things so far. Hopefully, he will be reintroduced in the future and prove to be a crucial or entertaining part of the story.

Now that we’re on to loose chapters, I had to make a call on how many chapters to include per review and I decide to alternate between 4 or 5 chapters per review as it was the same in previous official volumes. Unfortunately we do not have that many extra chapters yet so it looks like the next review will be the last for The Morose Mononokean for a while. I’m curious to see exactly how much the anime will adapt and if we will get to see anime only stories. Whatever the final case may be, you can rest assured that I’ll have it covered and reviewed on this site as soon as possible.


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