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The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War – Review

The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War “Season 2”:

Original Air Dates: February 17th, 2017

It isn’t over until the sales numbers flop.

Synopsis: Having saved the Liones Kingdom, Meliodas and the rest take a break before beginning their next, big journey. It’s time to relax, feast and explore what the city has to offer, as well as settle a few lingering issues between the Deadly Sins themselves and a few players lurking in the shadows.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: The Seven Deadly Sins returns with what Netflix was, at first (They’ve since corrected) calling Season 2. In actuality this is a meager 4 part mini series meant to tide fans over till a true season 2 is ready. (And don’t think it’s next season, I got fooled by the similarly titled Sin: The Seven Deadly Sins.) Outside of the diminished episode count, the animation also gives away that this is a special release rather than a full series. The quality has gone up a slight notch and is most obvious when the anime chooses to do flashbacks to Season 1’s content, making use of the original animation. It’s not too jarring, but definitely noticeable and makes you wish they’d perhaps gone to the lengths to reanimate the flashbacks, seeing as they’re so short anyway.

One moment you’re roaming in the palace, the next you’re floating in the air.

Linny: What seals the filler arc feel is the events they’ve chosen to depict. Any event that happens, especially ones that might have affected the overall narrative, get retconned by the end of each episode itself. The only parts of the show that feel significant, and canon, are the after credit scenes, which are usually a lot more dark and serious than whatever happens in the actual episodes. Thus, if you are a purist, you might want to watch just those parts so you get a sense of where the main plot of Seven Deadly Sins is heading.

Tom: The focus on slice of life, side story type content is a huge red flag. As Linny says, there’s a conscious effort to wrap episodes up in such a way that nothing carries over. Ban challenges Meliodas to a fight, to settle the very issues the two had by the end of Season 1. But once that fight is settled, and ends in a draw, dialogue indicates they’ll just take the match up again later on. The same can be said for a Diane and King storyline that literally resets the two’s romantic progress with amnesia. If the self-contained nature wasn’t bad enough, there’s a heavy focus on goofy shenanigans.

A graceful move but perhaps not the most intimidating.

Linny: As ‘goofy shenanigans go’ and as a female viewer, it wasn’t all that funny or amusing when Meliodas openly sexually harassed Elizabeth in Season 1. However, because it only happened a handful of times over a 26 episode run, it was easier to gloss over it and forget about. However, in this 4 episode run, he seems to be harassing her almost every episode and even more aggressively than usual, making it extremely disturbing, reproachable and raises the sleaze factor a lot higher than last season. On a different note, while Gildarts was shown to be somewhat of a fanboy of Meliodas and the gang last season, this time around, they seemed to have made that the very reason for his existence. In fact, during the second episode, it seems like just the thought and sight of watching the Seven Deadly Sins battle is enough to make him ‘explode’ with ecstasy. It’s frustrating to see these characters who were so lovable last season be reduced to ridiculous or offensive caricatures of their former selves.  

Tom: It’d perhaps be one thing if any of this was funny. But the series fails to build upon its comedy. The series was never known for A grade jokes, in fact Sins has often been criticized for Meliodas’ handsy nature with Elizabeth. But where as Season 1 had a main plot and used its humor to give the audience a break, it’s at the forefront of the anime’s offerings this time and not for the better. It doesn’t help that the series has little idea how to build and expand on each of the character’s more comical quirks.

When mixing cute and sexy goes wrong.

Linny: What makes this new offering so utterly unwatchable is the insipid attempt to be a comedy while reducing its beloved cast into one note parodies. Since it’s clearly meant to be a slice of life like snippet that has no actual bearing on the main story, there doesn’t seem to be a need for fans to watch it in order to keep up with the main story line. Yes, there are those brief after credit scenes you might want to fast forward to and quickly check out before the ‘real’ season 2 launches but that’s it. If you’re an extremely devoted fan and hard up for new Seven Deadly Sins content, I’d suggest you pick up the simulpub on Crunchyroll rather than subject yourself to what feels like a rushed and weak attempt at keeping Seven Deadly Sins in the eye of the public.

Tom: Even when noting that this isn’t a real season 2, it’s a piss poor attempt to tide fans over. The content is shallow, poorly written, and wholly unfunny. Its need to effectively reset any of the progress characters make here is doubly upsetting, making you feel like you’ve wasted your time. Since comedy is the focus, rather than the supplement, there should’ve been a real effort in exploring and expanding avenues of humor for our characters. But there hasn’t been. I can’t recommend this to anyone but the most starved of Deadly Sins’ fans and even then, I still say give it a hard pass.

“Not Recommended: The Seven Deadly Sins Signs of the Holy War is all around disappointing. Comedy is overused/underdone, contains absolutely no character development or plot progression, making this an all around time waster.”

“Not Recommended: Signs of the Holy War reduces the cast into insipid and offensive caricatures of themselves and its attempt at comedy/slice of life falls flat.”














The Seven Deadly Sins is available for streaming via Netflix.

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