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The Seven Heavenly Virtues – Anime Preview

Synopsis:  Heaven has been thrown into chaos, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, are sent to Earth to find the “true messiah”. As these beauties from the sky try to race against time, they realize how far the Seven Mortal Sins have spread their plague.(Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Those things just look downright painful and cumbersome.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: The Seven Heavenly Virtues is technically related to last Spring’s Seven Mortal Sins, although you’d be more than forgiven seeing as this anime offers no obvious connection to the former, save that the Angel Michael has the same design between both shows. No, The Seven Heavenly Virtues mostly stands on its own and only just. This five minute short borders on barely animated, with plenty of sequences more still shots with extremely limited animation than anything truly impressive. Most segments featuring significant animation are, in fact, the tight fan service bouncing bosom shots, with every other visual surrounding them extremely limited in movement. This gives Virtues only one true purpose alone: To deliver well detailed fan service art of voluptuous female figures.

Linny: Despite a somewhat serious opening sequence where the arch angel Michael describes the purpose of the seven angels descending to earth, the rest of the episode turns comedic and 4-koma like thanks to its short run time and parade of ‘gags.’ While it’s true that the purpose of Virtues is to titillate, the fan service in this first episode is more likely to have you laughing thanks to just how absurd it gets. For example, in one scene, the camera zooms in on Michael’s crotch while a tummy growling sound plays, making it sound like the growl came from her nether regions, resulting in unintentional hilarity. Also, Michael sways from domineering to blushing for no good reason. One moment she is bossing around our protagonist, the next she is blushing as she tells him her favourite food.

Neither do you in that ‘armour’.

Tom: Michael’s inconsistent personality speaks to how thin characterization is. While the episode starts by briefly introducing us to each Angel, we’re thrown into the “plot” with a declaration that Michael will find mankind’s savior, a nameless and faceless guy, and train him. Within thirty seconds we’ve got the thinnest plot set and spend the rest of the episode providing more thin excuses to offer up fan service. They’re not even good excuses. Instead of providing justification for raunchy fan service or soft-core visuals we get what more amounts to a platform for it. There’s no reason for any of these shots outside of “just because,” making the entire thing feel like the weakest of excuses for a parade of erotic art.

Linny: The fact that our protagonist isn’t even given a face speaks to how determined Virtues is to being fantasy fodder and how its main goal is to provide sexy visuals. It’s likely the story is going to be as non-descript and generic as our protagonist’s lack of facial features. This leaves Virtues as most likely something one could only watch for laughs just to see just how ridiculous the fan service gets.

When you’re such a self insert protagonist that you don’t even get a face to call your own.

Tom: The Seven Heavenly Virtues is ironically amusing and entertaining. Due to its lack of effort and bald faced honesty as to what it’s providing, the sheer brute nature of its fan service becomes almost laughable. At just four minutes in length it’s hard to be mad or disappointed with the lack of characterization or story, since it’s cut everything down to the bare essentials to shove tits and ass in your face. There’s absolutely nothing here of value for anyone who isn’t a fan of ecchi.

Linny: If you’ve never heard of Seven Mortal Sins or The Seven Heavenly Virtues before this review and you do not enjoy ecchi or fan service in anime, stay away from both series. If you’re someone who enjoys or is seeking breasts and crotch shots with barely any real plot and some unintentional comedy, then you may have found the perfect short form anime for you this season. Just be prepared for faceless protagonist, minimum animation or characterization and zero ACTUAL plot.

“Take it or Leave it: If you’re an ecchi fan who wishes anime would cut the bull and just provide erotic art then The Seven Heavenly Virtues is probably as close as you’ll get to straight fan service erotica in short-form anime.”

“Take it or Leave it: The Seven Heavenly Virtues could turn out to be an unintentional ecchi comedy thanks to its extreme lack of plot, animation, and utter devotion to fan service shots.”














The Seven Heavenly Virtues is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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