The World YAMIZUKAN – Preview

The World Yamizukan:

Original Air Dates: April 2nd, 2017 – ???

Someone needs a , a dermatologist!!

Synopsis: The World Yamizukan explores tales of horror and thrills of the supernatural, the unexplained, and the horrific. Sit down for bite sized horrors told in a classic pop up story book style.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: If you’re someone who appreciates anime with experimental art styles, Yamizukan should capture your eye immediately. It makes use of a picture book/ sketch book art style. It looks very crude, like someone’s rough scribbles and shadings turned into a quick animation. The show also uses heavily filtered real life video footage during its introductory parts. It’s definitely different and stands out but I don’t know that it will impress many folks.

She seems a little under dressed for it.

Tom: I could see the appeal in the art, it’s tailored to a niche audience, people who’ll appreciate a more rough, artistic, unconventional approach, but the writing is where Yamizukan loses me entirely. First the characterization, even for a four minute short, is cringe worthy, utilizing the most stereotypical, predictable dialogue backed up by voice acting that fails to sell any realism behind the characters. Things are only compounded by how flimsy this first outing feels, with a narrative that has such obvious holes in it most children could point them out without batting an eye.

Linny: My biggest issue with Yamizukan is just how badly written its first story is. This is a show that wants to unsettle you but its first tale makes zero sense. There’s a utter and complete lack of logic and follow up. Without spoiling too much, the episode mentions that the wife has been going out every night yet the reveal given for her doing so feels completely unbelievable. And I don’t mean unbelievable as in shocking, I mean unbelievable as in downright nonsensical. Even the most casual or timid horror fan would be left disappointed as in an attempt to come off creepy, the story just ends up feeling half assed by employing unnerving elements that it cannot make convincingly horrifying after the reveal.

This is why you wear proper hiking gear when going into the woods.

Tom: The World Yamizukan isn’t much of a horror. And while it’s probably near impossible to really creep someone out in just four minutes, Yamizukan actually does the opposite. The characters and writing are so laughably bad that it feels more like an ironic comedy than anything else.

Linny: If you love B-grade horror movies, then Yamizukan could still end up amusing you. However, if you are looking for genuine scares and chills, you won’t find any here…at least not in the first episode.

“Not Recommended: The World Yamizukan is best experienced as an ironic comedy on horror, and offers little value outside of that.”

“Not recommended: Yamizukan’s premiere episode features a poorly told story that offers zero scares or chills, just plenty of confusion and disappointment.”










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