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This Art Club Has a Problem!:

Original Air Dates: Jul 7, 2016 to ???

This is what happens when creativity goes wrong.

Synopsis: Mizuki Usami joined the Art Club to do classic art club-like activities. Unfortunately that’s not the experience she got. Instead she’s stuck with members who are complete and total oddballs. Subaru Uchimaki who is obsessed with drawing and perfecting himself a 2D Waifu. The Club President who sneaks panty shots and sleeps through most of the club’s get togethers. Colette, a rich girl who never stops making mischief. Despite her company, Mizuki still struggles to pull everyone together and develop them into a proper art club.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Mizuki, our lead, is a sweet and likable girl. She’s feisty when she needs to be, and a bit gullible giving her an endearing flaw. The real trouble with her character though is that she’s not terribly relatable/understandable. Mizuki’s entire shtick is that she’s secretly in love with Subaru, our 2D Waifu loving painter. The issue here is that Art Club never bothers to explain why she loves him. Instead it just assumes the audience is okay with Mizuki chasing after Subaru’s heart, even though it’s painfully clear to us and more importantly to her, that he’s completely and totally obsessed with Waifu.

Linny: Since this episode was so focussed on Mizuki’s crush on Subaru, it would have been nice to see exactly why she has such a huge crush on this guy who has clearly never given her any reason to. He was mean to her from their first meeting, telling her that he preferred they never became friendly because he was only interested and devoted to his 2D waifu paintings and had zero desire towards 3D girls. Every flashback or interaction shown of the two of them is a joke about how he seems to have always been cruel or cold to her. In one scene, he outright tells her that he can barely tolerate looking at her. A lack of explanation for her affection combined with how most of the episode is focused on her desire to get with him makes me worry that this gag might outstay its welcome sooner rather than later as most one note jokes do.

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Tom: Despite the comedy genre tag, I’d say Art Club is far more Romance than anything else. it hinges so heavily on Mizuki’s interest and disappointment as Subaru fails to notice her. Yet, the trouble is we don’t see what makes him such a great guy. Subaru is entirely and wholly obsessed with Waifu, and while its understandable that Mizuki becomes flustered when he shows interest in her, we don’t ever see what aspect of his persona draws her to him. Without a redeeming quality to Subaru’s personality, it makes it very difficult to relate and understand Mizuki’s feelings. And as the show harps so heavily on its Romance angle it damages Art Club’s ability to be engaging.

Linny: The only other people featured in this episode are the club president and the teacher who is the club advisor. The teacher literally appears for 5 seconds and then disappears altogether. The club president does feature a bit more and takes an active part in the episode’s events which is surprising given how lazy and uninterested he is shown to be. He’s mainly a lazy but perverted guy who likes to take panty shots so he seems to be made to appeal to viewers who enjoy some lewd and inappropriate humour. 

I appreciate the effort…but this might not be the right pose for you.

Tom: Subaru quickly becomes predictable. His humor is one joke, one gag and while I wouldn’t say it becomes stale by the end of the episode, it certainly felt predictable to the point where you knew exactly where every gag was going. The Club President who spends much of his time asleep or taking panty shots added some variety, but felt underutilized here. Another character is teased for keen eyed viewers who can spot this individual hiding in the background, but doesn’t actually appear in full during the episode. These are two characters I hope become more prominent, as the Mizuki and Subaru love dynamic/humor just doesn’t feel strong enough to carry things as heavily as it did here.

Linny: Being unfamiliar with the source material, it seemed to exude an air of 4koma with the way the episode is split into two clear parts with separate titles for both and the fact that the only exposition we get on the personalities of the two main featured characters is so one note. The show has the potential to be an enjoyable comedy if it goes beyond this episode’s singular nature but for those who enjoy a good one sided romance comedy, it should prove to be rather entertaining already. With the introduction of more characters and hopefully a variety of humour besides unrequited love, This Art Club could appeal to comedy fans but it’s got some serious competition this season and may need to do a lot to rise to the top.

Tom: Art Club’s first episode doesn’t do enough to hook you into the series, giving little understanding to Mizuki’s interest in Subaru, or a sense of the other types of comedy you can expect. If this is the series’ central element, this unrelatable romance, then Art Club is probably not worth your time. But, if it can step away from this obsession with Mizuki’s interest in Subaru, or better define what makes Subaru so appealing to Mizuki, Art Club might just improve. This is currently a series for die hard romance fans that appreciate the chase more than the depth.

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“Take it or Leave it: With such a one dimensional love interest Art Club lacks the depth to make the romance believable and its comedy feels too predictable for now.”

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“Take it or Leave it: An enjoyable comedy that risks becoming too focused on a single joke and wearing out its welcome.”













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