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Synopsis: SOARA, Growth, SolidS, and QUELL are four groups belonging to Tsukino Entertainment Production (AKA TSUKIPRO). The slice of life music anime “PRO ANI” depicting their music overflowing with uniqueness and the drama surrounding their lives begins now! Will you open this glittering treasure box of music? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

And an interesting pose to go with that interesting past.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Here we go again. It’s this season’s token male idol show but guess what? You get not one, not two, not three but FOUR different boy bands featured in this one show! And in all honesty, that decision to shove in as many boys as possible  only screams as a desperate attempt to cram in as many possible stereotypical pretty boys as possible, to ensure you have a pretty boy type available for every gullible soul out there.

Tom: TsukiPro is actually related to last year’s Tsukiuta, something I wasn’t entirely aware of until characters from that series started popping up here, although it seems for little more than cameos. Otherwise, it’s a show that outright isn’t for me. It’s focused on the everyday life, turned upside down, as these boy bands must prepare for the biggest show of their careers. If you’re into boy bands, and the slice of life behind them, it’ll likely satisfy that itch, but without that innate interest, what’s here feels fairly boring and vapid.

To tell you that YOU’RE ALL FIRED!!

Linny: The groups have all been introduced and vaguely divided by the type of music they play, which all sound like really flashy and made up buzz words. I kid you not, one of them is described as having hot and cold passion, whatever that means. Now the good news in all of this is that the boys all look like perfect pretty boy candidates and both they and the show seem to follow all the prototypes and staples to a T. There’s nothing revolutionary here but stereotypes and cliches exist for a reason, because they work and are well loved. Also, if you like your fictional pretty and popular boy to be a bit sad/lonely, that trope comes into play pretty early on.

Watch out women! Now even men wanna be prettier than you.

Tom: The series already boasts an incredibly full cast, four bands with four members each. The show, thankfully, pares it down to primarily just one band for this first episode. But that doesn’t do much for making the characters actually interesting. The four leads are quite bare bones, and we’re only offered the vaguest sense that while each leads a very charmed and successful life, they still have their own issues to struggle with. Rather than play into how hard the industry work is, and perhaps make us sympathize with the boys based on the sheer effort required to perform as a pop star (it can be a lot of work) we spend a lot more time with them lazing around, eating high class snacks and merely talking about their job. Although there is a mildly amusing commercial shoot in the middle of all this.

Linny: Like a lot of other male idol shows in the recent past, this show too employs CGI for the stage performances sequences. Other than that, it has average competent animation at best with occasionally flashy graphics used to introduce our boys and their band names.

A model and a cook? Could he BE any more perfect?

Tom: Ultimately, TsukiPro is predicated on an interest in Idols and without that interest, there’s little here to truly grab you. It’s less endearing initially than Tsukiuta was, and doesn’t offer much to hook non-idol fans from the get go.

Linny: Are you a fan of the tried and true staples and cliches of boy band shows? Then you’re probably already watching TsukiPro. If you were reading this review hoping this show boasted something new and unique, you’re straight out of luck.

“Take it or Leave it: TsukiPro The Animation, a spin off of Tsukiuta The Animation, offers little to hook non-idol fans, making it squarely something for those already wrapped up in the scene.”

“Take it or Leave it: TsukiPro The Animation checks off all the tropes for an idol series, making it clear exactly who its audience is meant to be: an idol obsessed crowd.”















TsukiPro The Animation is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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