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Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama? – Mid Season Anime Review

Synopsis: Somewhere in Japan, there’s a flyer on Third Street with a picture of a cat, bearing the words: “Have you seen Tama?” A young boy gazes at the flyer, but he has fluffy ears on his head!? The dogs and cats from Third Street take on a human form and are about to get in some mischief. Uchitama is a brand-new type of heartwarming anime that may even be the new definition of kawaii!? (Official Funimation Synopsis)

We may never know the answer.

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: UchiTama continues to prove itself as one of the best shows for cat and dog lovers alike, thanks to its mix of anthropomorphic and traditional representation of its animal cast providing so many adorable avenues of comedy and cuteness. In a medium known for sexualizing anything and everything, UchiTama is a beacon of purity. Audiences get a cute, albeit fictional, look into the minds and lives of the pets they love and adore so much. Seeing Tora, one of the cats on the show, picturing himself running around carrying lumber and helping out at his master’s construction site and then cut to what he’s actually doing i.e pawing at a small block of wood, is guaranteed to make any cat lover melt and burst out in delighted laughter.


Tom: The series does an incredible job of playing with expectations: Showing how the animals view themselves vs the reality, like the construction scene with Tora Linny mentions above. It’s this juxtaposition between how the characters view themselves, and things actually are, that forms the backbone of the series and its heartwarming comedy. But that’s not even all Uchitama has to offer. The series frequently mixes things up with more absurd or heartwarming humor, sending the show into wtf territory with surprising or totally out there jokes, or even melting your heart as things end on a sweet note. There’s only thus far one major misstep, and that’s in Episode 6 as the series spends half an episode building towards a punchline you can see coming a mile away, and one that wasn’t worth the lengthy, borderline dull, build up required to get there. But that’s but one misstep in a series that otherwise nails the grandiose perception our pets see of themselves vs reality.

Linny: Thanks to the anthropomorphized visualization of the characters, UchiTama is able to explore and offer comedy and content beyond typical pet related topics. Like an adorable tale of first love that comes with a hilarious twist at the end. Almost every episode is split into 3-4 short segments either featuring the whole cast or following one or two characters more closely. This even handed approach to the cast makes it easy to find a particular cat or dog that will capture your heart. That said, I have to agree that when the show tries to reach for longer plot lines that run uninterrupted for almost a complete episode, it tends to stumble. Specifically with episode 6 we get a tale of turf wars between our UchiTama gang and a gang of dogs from another neighborhood. The story takes up most of the episode yet manages to only deliver one big joke at the end, a joke that, as Tom noted, isn’t even all that funny or original. This says to me that Uchitama truly is at its best when telling bite sized tales, rather than forming a more lengthy narrative.

He makes a good point.

Tom: Right now I think Uchitama?! might be Winter’s top Slice of Life offering. Slice of Life is featured quite heavily this winter, with titles like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! and Somali and the Forest Spirit acting as other Top winter offerings. But both of those aren’t quite so typical, taking the concept of Slice of Life and changing the game. Eizouken! is very quirky, existing more so as its own thing, and Somali exists more as an interesting merger between Slice of Life and something a tad darker. Uchitama is perhaps the best title for Slice of Life fans looking for something wholesome, funny, but easy going and that always end on an uplifting note. It’s the perfect show to unwind with and as someone who tends not to enjoy slice of life all that much, it’s surprisingly the title I most look forward to every week.

Linny: UchiTama is definitely my surprise favourite of the season. I went in expecting to be bored or worse but instead now it’s the show I look forward to the most every week (It helps that my other top anime this season are all shows I have already read the manga for). If you find cats and dogs adorable and would love a simple heartwarming, fluffy show to coo over, UchiTama is the top show for you this season. It’s approach to slice of life through beloved animal companions is unique and delightful and a must try for any slice of life fan.

Recommended: Uchitama?! gets Slice of Life right thanks to its adorable cast of anthropomorphized cats and dogs that have rather grandiose views of their typical lives as pets.

Recommended: UchiTama will melt your heart with its funny, cute cast and stories of their everyday lives.
















Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama? is available for streaming via Funimation.

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