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Urara Meirochou:

Original Air Dates: January 7th, 2017 – ???

If it’s by her own choice, what’s the problem?

Synopsis: Young girls from all over the country come to Meiro-cho for one reason: To train in efforts to become the top Uranaishi, fortune teller — The Urara. A 15-year-old girl, Chiya, enters the gates like any other girl before, but has a secret reason for wanting to become a uranaishi. Together with three other girls on the same path, Kon, Koume and Nono, Chiya begins her new life as a fortune teller’s apprentice.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The first thing that grabs you about Urara Meirochou is how cute its characters are. With a cast of only female characters, each and everyone of them is made to look so sweet and adorable that it’s going to give you diabetes. Though some of them, especially Chiyo might remind you of similar looking characters from other shows. The animation in the episode really helps to flaunt the cuteness and the comedy, often adding a lot to the scene through the use of background and extra effects.

Tom: The girls are cute. Sugary cute. From the designs to their mannerisms, this show is oozing with adorable, and for some that might be a bit too much. There’s plenty of comedy to go along with all the sugary sweetness, but that atmosphere can feel downright oppressive for anyone who’s not quite so enamored by the girls’ moe charms.

Linny: For better or worse, the girls each fall into very popular and familiar anime tropes. We have Koume, the wannabe sophisticated young girl who’s clearly aping to have an oujo-sama like presence. Then there’s Kon who is the prim and proper smartypants, and Nono, the super shy and introverted girl hiding a creepy oddball quirk. Lastly, we have our main girl, Chiya who is the completely socially oblivious oddball who also happens to have a naive innocence to her. Combining these personalities with adorable character designs makes it undeniably obvious that this show is aiming to be pure moe bait.

And I thought this was going to be a cute and fluffy show.

Tom: The very world of Urara is insanely sugary, with blasting colors, vibrant visuals, and a moe charm that’s cute, happy, and downright silly. It can be pretty overwhelming, as if the series is laying it all on a bit too thick. A lot of the comedy also comes from Chiya’s animalistic, wasn’t raised in the world of man, nature, with quite a few jokes revolving around her either behaving like a dog or eating like a glutton.

Linny: Though the girls in the show are all rather quirky, the show in itself is not exactly that groundbreaking and could be dismissed by most as yet another show about cute girls being quirky and adorable. Thanks to the supernatural premise and theme, the show does look a bit more interesting than say if they were all just schoolgirls but that can only get the show so far. The episode also makes a few off colour jokes every now and then which works well when contrasted against the cutesy vibe. However, it can get a bit repetitive with some of its jokes within the first episode itself.

Tom: I’m fairly mixed on Urara. On the one hand I only found a few jokes truly amusing and I was often left wondering if the only real appeal was how cute all the girls could be as they interacted over their burgeoning abilities in fortune telling. That said, the show does have a handful of good jokes, and as mentioned the girls are indeed cute. I’m just not sure that’s enough to hold me for an entire season. I feel like Urara might need to step up its game or risk growing stale.

Linny: As someone who has often fallen for moe bait shows because of my affinity to cute girls being funny and adorable, Urara is definitely a show that entertained me but I am also self aware enough to admit that it doesn’t really have much else going for it either. The girls are some of the cutest designed this season and the mix of fantasy and vintage cultural elements helps to make the show even more visually appealing. However, if you are averse to moe content, there’s nothing in it worth sitting through all that moe for.

Tom: A big question circling over Urara is: Is it worth the 6.95 a month The Anime Network is asking when you sign up for a premium account? Obviously viewers shouldn’t buy into a service plan if there’s only one show they want to watch (although binging it in a month might make the expense worth it.) It’s a tough call as to how big a draw Urara is. If it’s bait for you as it is for Linny, Urara might be worth signing up for a two week trial. It certainly seems like a stronger show than The Anime Network’s Fall offerings.

We need an exorcist stat!

Linny: If you like cute girls doing cute sh*t, this show is a must check-out. It may not be the most amazing or unique show ever, heck it might even be far from it but if you are a sucker for cuteness, you need to give this a try. It has its share of flaws like running jokes into the ground and lack of substance but sometimes, its nice to watch a show that’s just cute and sweet and takes you away from all the bitterness and sadness in the world.

Tom: Urara Meirochou needs to step up its game for the long term, and introduce greater avenues of comedy. As of right now it’s hanging on with just a few strands of comedy and the inherently adorable nature of its cast. As things stands now I don’t think Urara is a must watch.

“Take it or Leave it: Urara Meirochou’s cast is adorable, but its comedy doesn’t feel robust enough to keep it going for the season.”

“Recommended: If you love moe shows, Urara might be one of the stronger offerings of the genre this season.”












Urara Meirochou is available for streaming via The Anime Network

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