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Synopsis: Misha is an elementary school girl who lives with her father, having lost her mother at a young age. A new maid has joined their household, and on top of being an unusually muscular woman, she also has an excessive love for young girls! Thus the not-so-heartwarming comedy starring a pervy maid versus a half-Russian schoolgirl begins!(Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

She says it with such pride.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Most of UzaMaid!’s premiere is rather chaste with most of the maid’s affection for cute young girls coming off as just a penchant for cute things rather than anything untoward. Indeed one could almost mistake our maid character, Kamoi Tsubame and her enthusiasm, as an admiration for cuteness and desire to play innocent dress up with a cute girl. Even a bath scene doesn’t seem too scandalous in the context of Japanese culture where children bathing with adults and communal bathing is all but part of everyday life. But when it hits a certain point in the later part of the episode, it becomes very clear and very disturbing that Kamoi’s affection for young girls is anything but chaste. The moment we flashback to Kamoi telling an admirer that she has no interest in girls who have begun menstruating is when most, if not all people will bail. What follows after is more disturbing declarations from Kamoi about how menstruating degrades the worth of a woman and how it’s only prepubescent girls that should be worshiped, further cementing that this show is one that the general public will want to erase from their memories forever.

Tom: What’s particularly frustrating about UzaMaid! is how unnecessary the Loli angle is. You could easily have a former JSDF maid that’s particularly doting and adoring of Misha without any of this tip-toeing into sexual insinuations. The episode even demonstrates that by how chaste it is early on, making the uncomfortable scenes near the twenty-minute mark feel like pandering to people that think Loli or Pedophilia is somehow funny.

I prefer not to have anything making love in my food.

Linny: Uzamaid!’s comedy comes from Kamoi and Misha’s extreme and opposite reactions to each other. Watching Misha come up with extreme scheme after scheme to avoid or get rid of Kamoi while Kamoi outwits her at every turn could have been funny and amusing but once the show reveals Kamoi’s true desires, it’s hard to recall this series with any other reaction than utter disapproval and dread. As it stands, the comedy in the first episode is nowhere near strong enough to overcome the upsetting desires of its protagonist and one would be hard pressed and even shocked to find fans of the series.

Tom: I might be less hard on UzaMaid! if it wasn’t for the author’s history. The anime is based off the manga written by Nakamura Kanko, an author known mostly for writing hentai manga that revolves around the lolicon fetish. Over half of his published works are, in fact, pornography and it’s only UzaMaid that lacks the Lolicon tag, at least depending on which Manga tracking database you visit. Because of this I can’t be sure UzaMaid! won’t just immediately cross a line and become totally uncomfortable a series. It’s not to say there can’t be dark humor around loli and pedophilia, but UzaMaid doesn’t chastise Kamoi enough for her perversions, giving the sense that series doesn’t really recognize how dark an angle that is. What comedy is here isn’t even that stellar, making the risk of waiting around to see how uncomfortable UzaMaid gets feels near pointless when there are already better comedies this season.

Not Recommended: UzaMaid! seems chaste, but late episode scenes give pause, hinting that UzaMaid! could grow exceedingly more sexually uncomfortable later on.

Not Recommended: Once UzaMaid reveals the true nature of its titular protagonist’s fondness for young girls, it becomes a truly upsetting show.














UzaMaid! is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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