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Wagamama High Spec – Preview

Wagamama High Spec:

Original Air Dates: April 11th, 2016 – ???

Yeah, NOBODY else is ever going to see us strip.

Synopsis: Koki Narumi is a high school student who also works as a mangaka currently serialized in a weekly magazine. But most of his classmates don’t know this, as the manga he draws is a risque romantic comedy, and he’d die of embarrassment if anyone found out! But one day the student council president, Kaoruko Rokuonji, decides the student council could do with a male member. She discovers Koki’s secret and, in exchange for not revealing it to the school, forces Koki to join the Student Council. However the vice president, Ashe R. Sakuragi, strongly opposes him joining and trouble ensues for poor Koki.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow): 

Tom: Wagamama is direct and to the point. We’re introduced to the four girls of the Student council, who are in a hot room as they work on assembling student council print outs. Deciding they desperately need to cool off, three of them go crazy, stripping down to their underwear and then forcing the fourth member to strip as well. During the chaos they accidentily set the AC to blow out hot air which only makes everything worse. The girls, well besides the reluctant one, all seem pretty okay with thrusting their massive breasts about for the audience, so maybe complaints about exploitation will be fairly low for this pure fan service anime short?

Linny: If you go into the show KNOWING it’s an ecchi, you will not be surprised by all the stripping that occurs in the short run time. Three out of the four girls featured are more than happy to take their clothes off to deal with the heat and hey, you even get the classic outlier, the fourth girl, our uptight and presumably more sensible Treasurer Toa Narumi, who is not only shocked by their actions but refuses to undress herself.

And you’re probably being watched by dirty older men right now as well.

Tom: With all the fan service thrown around there really isn’t time for much of a plot (but plenty of time for “plot!”) and the show certainly doesn’t yet match the synopsis above! Heck, we haven’t even met our main character yet! (Although it should be noted that the anime does tease his appearance during its next time sequence.)

Linny: It’s clear the show wants to prioritize being an ecchi laced with comedy, even sacrificing its main character over giving viewers a great view of the girls in the first episode. It’s hard to tell if this means the girls will be the main highlight of the show, as they even take centre stage on the anime’s promotional images. For now, based on a single episode, this might mean that viewers should basically expect a bunch of the girls being goofy and offering plenty of eye candy.

Tom: Wagamama has decent animation depicting our youthful and busty cast with very healthy designs that should excite most ecchi lovers. The post credits sequence is interesting, as they chose to end with stick figure cut outs using the original video game’s character art. Oh did I forget to mention this is all based off a video game? An adult video game at that? Huh, Wagamama’s choices are all starting to make sense.

Yay for echhi shows!

Linny: As a female viewer I braced for the ecchi and this show had it a lot tamer than I was expecting. While I didn’t find the comedy particularly funny, nor the girls themselves charming, it should keep ecchi fans happy with the abundance of girls, despite the show lacking actual plot and proper joke execution. There was an actually joke that Tom and I had to discuss to make sense yeah, I don’t mind the ecchi, I mind the lack of everything else.

Tom: Wagamama High Spec, as I mentioned earlier, is based off an adult visual novel. We’re not talking mere fan service but sex acts and lewd happenings. So far the Wagamama anime is merely fan service, leaving the dirty and nasty for the visual novel. The ecchi fan in me, whom I generally keep under lock and key, could see how this’d be exciting for anyone seeking some quick titillation. So I’ll be recommending it based on the show’s soul purpose for existing, but if you want actual entertainment, with real characters and a solid story, one has to wonder why you’re even still reading this review.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Exclusively for Ecchi fans. If you’re looking for busty anime girls to strip and flaunt their assets at you, Wagamama is a flirty three minutes of perfection. If you want actual substance? Yeah, this ain’t it.”

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take it or Leave it: Ecchi fans who want 3 minutes of busty pandering may enjoy this but it’s definitely weak in all other aspects.”













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