Wasteful Days of High School Girls – Anime Preview

Synopsis: They say youth is wasted on the young, and that’s especially true for Tanaka, Sakuchi and Saginomiya, whose shenanigans are the stuff of legend. They’re young, they’re ridiculous and they’re ready to waste away their days as high school girls! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

She even takes a popular trope and pushes it to a new level.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Wasteful Days of High School Girls opens strong, with a gradually quickening pace of rapid fire gags that makes for a fast-paced slew of varied and hilarious comedy. It’s the most impressive comedy thus far this year, at least in terms of first episodes, sucking viewers in with a massive cast of absurd, quirky characters and a focus on one particular, boy/popularity obsessed idiot as its lead.

Linny: Early on, Wasteful Days gave me strong ‘Daily Lives of High School Boys’ vibes. From the somewhat similar sounding titles to the fact that both of them offer their take on the ‘running late to school with bread in your mouth’  and finally the fact that both shows feel like extremely intense comedies featuring a large, rotating cast. Thankfully, Wasteful Days quickly succeeds in shining on its own merit as it chooses to assign a particular personality quirk to each girl and then go all in on that quirk for most of the episode. For example, this episode was mainly focused on Nozomi Tanaka, a girl who is so obsessed and determined to land herself a dreamy boyfriend that it is both hilarious and impressive. The episode does an amazing job on setting her up as the determined dunce, coming up with escalating gags that detail just how stubborn and idiotic she can be.

As a teacher, please ensure it stays that way.

Tom: So much time is spent on Nozomi that there isn’t much opportunity to get to know the other girls. But the episode uses Nozomi’s desperate desire to nab at least some kind of boyfriend for her to naturally approach the rest of the cast, giving us brief, but important glimpses into the type of comedy each offers. From an overly thorough and serious girl, to a chunibyo-syndrome suffering loner, to a teacher in deep and frustrated denial (pictured above) and more Wasteful Days looks to be capable of an incredible range of gags, that should lend itself to a healthy variety of comedy.

Coming up with nicknames is not one of their skills.

Linny: What really sells this first episode of Wasteful Days of High School Girls is just how creative and devoted the show is to one upping itself and coming up with some of the most innovative and shocking gags. And no, that doesn’t mean the show goes lewd or tasteless but instead speaks to just how smart and funny it can be without needing to stoop to low brow humour. If you’re a fan of comedy, you simply must try Wasteful Days of High School Girls.

Tom: Wasteful Days of High School Girls only suffers a couple minor issues. First, its art isn’t top-tier. Sometimes it looks decent to passable, other times a little subpar. It’s the humor that saves it and elevates the art, rather than the other way round. There’s also a few jokes that seem predicated on an understanding of the Japanese language, and thus don’t quite land, even when translated. Still, these are minor complaints, and the honest truth is I can’t help but feel Wasteful Days of High School Girls is the new show to beat this season, standing far and away as the best source of comedy this summer. 

Recommended: Wasteful Days of High School Girls opens with a bang, hitting you with rapid fire comedy that feels varied, hilarious and perfect to make any Summer that much better.

Recommended: What Wasteful Days of High School Girls lacks in looks, it makes up for with brilliant and ridiculous comedy.













Wasteful Days of High School Girls is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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