Wasteful Days of High School Girls – Mid Season Anime Review

Synopsis: They say youth is wasted on the young, and that’s especially true for Tanaka, Sakuchi and Saginomiya, whose shenanigans are the stuff of legend. They’re young, they’re ridiculous and they’re ready to waste away their days as high school girls! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

When you wanna keep goofing off but responsibilities won’t stop calling you.

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Wasteful Days of High School Girls stands to become 2019’s single greatest comedy, giving Kaguya-Sama a real run for its money. It’s a true gem thanks to its absurd characters, wild tone and insane antics all perfectly encapsulated by a opening song that truly exemplifies the manic brilliance of this sleeper-hit comedy. Wasteful Days follows a plethora of wacky, quirky girls at an all girl’s school and the daily antics they get up to. The series’ centers around Tanaka, or “Baka” as her nickname becomes, as her idiotic machinations constantly rope new girls into the fray, creating an ever expanding cast of intensely bizarre characters.

Linny: Wasteful Days continues to be as hilarious and insane as first advertised in Episode 1. The gags are almost always over the top and you’re often left guessing as to exactly where each episode’s plot is ultimately headed. Even the ‘staple’ jokes such as Tanaka, aka Baka, starting off the episode asking her friends if she can tell them something amazing ends up being unique every episode due to how random the ensuing conversation gets. While random can often be a bad thing, throwing out wacky dialogue that’s more nonsensical than funny, Wasteful Days has a bizarre internal logic that often makes its off the wall humor work to surprising degree. All of this makes Wasteful Days feel unique and refreshing episode after episode.

Curses sure are getting creative.

Tom: Baka is perhaps the most versatile member of the cast, since her whole shtick is she’s an idiot, leaving a lot of room to play. But the rest of the girls pretty much stick to one defining characteristic each. There’s Robo, whose monotone delivery, and logical interest in science makes for a sharp departure from the more absurd girls. There’s Loli, a short girl who insists she’s as mature as her peers, yet can’t help but exemplify kid-ish traits as she’s way too attached to her grandma, or still finds love icky. Normally this would be a detractor, but since the cast is so huge, and ever growing, it allows for comedic variety every episode.

Linny: The show manages to integrate each new girl into the growing cast without making it feel too crowded or rushed. Each new girl usually gets an entire episode to shine where we thoroughly pursue every possible joke around their main characteristics. The growing cast helps to keep the comedy varied as Tom mentioned and their one note personality helps them to stand out from each other even though some might find it limiting/shallow.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo grandmas.

Tom: Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls, like any top tier anime comedy, isn’t without its iffy moments. The show plays with a couple LGBTQ-coded characters, namely two separate girls who seem to be Lesbians. The trouble is one girl borders on the stereotypical (I just haven’t grown out of it yet) Another lesbian girl is introduced later on, but the class reacts by calling this girl creepy. In both cases the show is never outright anti-LGBTQ, but they are moments that could be read in a negative light, and things to watch out for if those kinds of elements bug you. Outside of those points, Wasteful Days is still incredibly funny and should it remain as clever and bizarre it’ll replace Kaguya-sama, for me, as best comedy of 2019.

Linny: Speaking of potential bumps in the content, if anyone was concerned by the opening introduction of the male teacher, who dismisses student-teacher relationships in a rant that shows his true inner thoughts, rest assured that so far that is the only instance anything of that nature pops up in the show. Every single time since that, his appearance has been solely as a teacher who is frustrated about the insane behaviour of his students and otherwise delivers some solid comedy, avoiding any and all potentially troublesome tones. If you’re always on the lookout for over the top comedies like we are, have enjoyed shows like Daily Lives of High School Girls or maybe Asobi Asobase, Wasteful Days of High School Girls remains the top show to be checked out this season.

Recommended: Wasteful Days of High School Girls is the perfect kind of zany anime comedy you only get once ever half decade. Don’t miss it!

Recommended: Wasteful Days of High School Girls continues strong as Summer 2019’s most insane, random and hilarious comedy.













Wasteful Days of High School Girls is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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