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We Never Learn 009-012 – Manga Review

Reviewed by: Tom

Synopsis: Nariyuki Yuiga is a hard working student, aiming for his school’s prize award: Full College Scholarship. The only problem is the two genius level girls in his way: Rizu Ogata, a master at science, and Fumino Furuhashi, amazingly adept at the humanities.

Warning: Spoilers to Follow:

Yuiga is forced to tutor both Fumino and Ogata, who both seek to get into schools’ that focus on subjects they’re bad at. Ogata is bad at humanities, where as Fumino is awful at science. In order for Yuiga to get that Full College Scholarship he’s going to have to help these two achieve their dreams too.


Chapter 009:

Like as teased in Chapter 008, here we focus on Fumino and her attempts to pass her exam while also suffering from a fever. There’s a few sexy comedy antics as Yuiga walks in on a naked Fumino being cared for by Uruka. Despite the chapter seemingly being about Fumino, there’s a multi-page section dedicated to Uruka and cooking. Again it’s clear that Uruka is a major attempt to try and pull readers back around, while the series continues to receive floundering votes in the Shonen Jump polls.

Girl is thirsty.

The chapter refocuses on Fumino and we flashback to learn that Yuiga taught her to look at math problems by equating them to language. Skipping to the exam results, Fumino and Rizu both pass the target scores the principal set for them. Their former tutor, Kirisu-sensei, disagrees that this is a good outcome and equates it to turning geniuses into average students. My guess is that if the manga faces an abrupt end from cancellation we’ll get a few chapters with Kirisu-sensei acting as the final ‘bad guy’ Yuiga needs to overcome.

Ultimately the chapter ends on a gag that now Yuiga, after helping to care for Fumino, is sick.

Chapter 010:

Chapter 010 is another Uruka chapter as we focus on her secret crush on Yuiga. Her friends convince her to try on girly clothes in an effort to attract Yuiga’s attention (Because god forbid men find anything else attractive outside of the stereotype.) and would you know it she stumbles upon Yuiga doing shopping for his siblings.

There’s no way totally normal clothes look totally normal on you?

As Uruka secretly pines for Yuiga their encounter quickly turns into a makeshift date that culminates in the two entering a couples contest and seemingly embarrassing themselves on stage to win a prize for Yuiga’s little sister. It’s average and decent enough a story line, but hardly feels like anything special. It and the next chapter feel entirely generic, like events that could be lifted and transplanted to any other romantic comedy manga and you’d never know the difference. It’s a bad sign so early in We Never Learn’s life.

Chapter 011:

Chapter 011 is another generic plotline as we learn that Fumino has gained a bit of weight. She tries to diet although this interferes with her tutoring sessions with Yuiga, the only part of the storyline that has anything to do with the manga’s main plot.

The manga again toys with young teen sexual comedy, as Fumino invites Yuiga to feel her stomach and tell her how fat she is, while he gets a bit worked up from touching her soft skin. Yuiga, classically, handles this badly and accidentally blurts out “This is bad!” upsetting Fumino and making her believe she is, in fact, fat.

Local High School Teen Shares Easy Pregnancy Test That Has Doctors Scared.

Before Yuiga can correct himself and tell her he actually thinks she’s cute, he’s afraid she’ll think him creepy if he says that, we learn that Fumino’s real problem is that she eats way too much while she’s studying at midnight. Again another ho-hum, unimpressive chapter that feels entirely too mundane and lacking in rip-roaring comedy to save it.

Chapter 012:

Finally the manga returns focus to Rizu who finds herself approached by one Sawako, a classmate disgusted with Rizu’s attempts to get into a liberal arts school rather than science and mathematics. She blames it on Rizu wanting to go to the same school as Yuiga and quickly becomes a third wheel on their study session.

Sawako tries to get Rizu to react by flirting with Yuiga, but instead she just kicks the two out while she finishes her tutoring assignment. Sawako has a heart to heart with Yuiga and it becomes clear, if it wasn’t already, that Sawako really just wants to be friends with Rizu and have the two of them go to the same school.

What the hell were the other 11 chapters then!?

Sawako eventually realizes that while Rizu insists she has no romantic interest in Yuiga, that’s a bit of a lie, even to herself. The chapter ends with Sawako seemingly insinuating that she too might have feelings in Yuiga, as it would get complicated if Rizu realized her own.

The comedy again here is weak, the developments predictable, and seemingly little to keep We Never Learn feeling unique. I believe this is my last review for the series and my personal opinion is that it won’t last much longer in Jump without reinventing itself to some significant degree.

That’s it for today. Please let me know what you thought of We Never Learn in the comments below!

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