Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Ichiro Sato is about as average as a student can get… except for his above-average ability to land himself in totally awkward, intensely risqué situations with his no-nonsense teacher, Kana Kojima! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

For the fan service, as always!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? is here for one reason and one reason only: to titillate. Hence forth known as Teacher (I’m not typing that whole thing out every time,) Teacher is an ecchi title meant only to arouse its male audience through forced scenarios that put our seductive female characters in as many compromising situations as possible. Traditional entertainment values should be thrown out the window.

If you’re coming into this for appealing characters you best turn right around. Kana Kojima, our titular teacher, is little more than a male fantasy. Her tough, outward persona disappears at the drop of a hat, for a more submissive and embarrassed woman for male viewers to get excited over. Not much more can be said about Ichiro Sato, our self-insert lead who lacks any defining qualities so as to make him a perfect vessel for the audiences’ fantasies.

And thus the show came to an abrupt end.

Even what comedy Teacher offers is hardly worthwhile. The humorous scenarios devised hold a singular purpose; to thrust Sato and Kojima into a compromising scenario, and thus feel stale even by the end of a mere 12-minute run time. But again, none of this matters to Teacher, as everything is built around that singular desire to cram in as much as Ecchi fanservice as it can, painting this short-form anime as close to softcore porn  as it can without straying right over that line.

If judged solely on its goal, Teacher succeeds outright. There’s some censorship that gets in the way of the show’s most risque imagery, but overall Teacher offers a pervert’s idea of a great time. Ultimately I wouldn’t recommend the series to most. It’s a title for a niche crowd that likes their fanservice direct and dirty, without a cumbersome plot or honest characterization to get in the way. If you want to get right to the ‘dirty deeds’ then Teacher gets out all the fluff. Now if you’ll excuse me I desperately need a shower.

Take it or Leave it: Tired of your extreme ecchi fan service getting bogged down by silly things like plot or character work? Then you’re the answer to series title: Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? as she is here for you.


Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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