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It wouldn’t be Wagnaria if they weren’t all weird.

Synopsis: Daisuke Higashida is an earnest and serious freshman at Higashizaka High School who is forced to seek employment at a nearby family restaurant chain named Wagnaria when his allowance is cut off due to his father’s company going bankrupt. Even though Daisuke is already frustrated about having to balance work with school, his woes are only multiplied as he comes to learn that his coworkers are all absurd and a handful each in their own ways. From a rich waitress who uses money to solve every little problem to a coworker who doesn’t speak a word of Japanese, working at Wagnaria is anything but mundane.

Preview (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

For those who are newcomers to the Wagnaria!! (as it has been released/labelled in English territories)  / Working!! (original Japanese title) anime series, WWW.WAGNARIA!! is the fourth show in the series but can easily be picked up by anyone, even if they are unfamiliar with the rest of the series. This is because WWW.WAGNARIA!! is based on a spin-off webcomic of the original series and features all new characters and set up that can be enjoyed on their own. The only common theme shared between WWW.WAGNARIA!! and its predecessor is that both shows showcase the daily events that take place at one of the many restaurants of the Wagnaria family restaurant chain, and the daily lives of the employees of that branch. Thus, if you are on the lookout for a somewhat absurd and quirky comedy with slice of life elements, WWW,WAGNARIA!! can easily become your entry point into the WAGNARIA!! / WORKING!! franchise.

 If you’re a newcomer to the series, the Wagnaria series and brand of comedy tends to focus on having characters who have extremely absurd qualities. The original series featured characters like a waitress who was absolutely terrified of men and constantly beat up any men who come near her, and another that always carried around a katana even when working as a waitress. Similarly, WWW.WAGNARIA!! features characters like waitresses Sayuri Muranushi, who always serves has an invisible elderly customer that nobody else can see, and Shiho Kamakura, the daughter of an extremely rich family, who throws money at any and every little problem she comes across, from disgruntled customers to angry coworkers.

Is this a restaurant or a haunted house experience?

In the case of WWW.WAGNARIA!!, Daisuke plays the role of straight man who’s pitted against all these ‘crazies’ at work and even at home. Daisuke is shown to be a somewhat average and a studious teenager, who resents his family for being rather happy-go-lucky about everything and never taking matters seriously. It’s no surprise to see him react harshly when his father uses a pun to announce the fact that his company went bankrupt and rather than react to the news with shock and worry, his mother and sister simply join in on the puns. Forced to seek employment in order to be able to pay his own phone bills and basic allowance, Daisuke’s resentment and frustration only grows as everyone seems to react in all the wrong ways to his predicament. Being a comedy, Daisuke seems to be literally the only person who shows extreme frustration or takes matters seriously so if you dislike comedies where everyone else seems oblivious to serious matters or treats them with little to zero gravity, this probably isn’t the show for you. A lot of the comedy comes from the nonsensical and ridiculous behaviour and personality of its cast along with unbelievable situations such as the restaurant having a manager who cannot even spell properly and even fails to use a calculator correctly.

Those who ARE well familiar with the series will be happy to hear that the show does continue its particular brand and style of humour despite the all new cast and change of location. The mangaka seems well versed in creating and playing with a particular kind of character and it’s more than likely that if you loved the previous incarnations, you’ll definitely find something or someone to adore in this latest reincarnation. The bad news is of course that if you were hoping for some really drastic changes, you might feel tired of how similar it feels.

And you thought your SO was strict about gifts.

The serious moments in WWW.WAGNARIA!! are few and far in between, if not almost nonexistent. In the two episodes I have viewed so far, there has been about ONE sequence that came off somewhat heartwarming but in the end, is all done to set up a long running gag about why the rich girl of the series, Shiho is so hellbent on antagonizing the broke employee, Yuuta Shindou. In fact, one could deduce that the entire reason this rich girl is working at a lowly family restaurant is so she can continue to harass Yuuta on a daily basis.

WWW.WAGNARIA!! is all about the extremely bizarre and wacky personalities that have to coexist and work together in what would be an otherwise simple and everyday situation. Most of your enjoyment of the series will depend on how quickly or intensely you take to some, if not all of the odd characters you are presented with and how fond you are of that kind of comedy. It’s the kind of show where some characters seem extremely mean or cruel towards others for the sake of comedy, most things are nonsensical and make no sense and almost everything is meant to be a joke in and of itself. It’s comedy that can be enjoyed when you want to turn your brain off and just have a good chuckle or two and I would just like to conclude my preview by reiterating that this latest entry into the series can act as an entry point for any newcomers to the series without causing any confusion or lack of enjoyment.

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Recommended: WWW.WAGNARIA!! may be part of a series but can be enjoyed as an independent quirky comedy approachable by newcomers, with an eccentric new cast that’ll feel familiar to old fans.


WWW.WAGNARIA!! is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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