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You’re Being Summoned, Azazel – Season Two Review

You’re Being Summoned, Azazel Z:

Original Air Dates: April 7, 2013June 30, 2013

Reviewed by: Linny

So meta.

Synopsis: After the tragic event in the previous season, certain demons are now thirsting for detective Akutabe’s blood while poor Azazel seems to only be floundering more and more with each new case. In comes a new demon who just might be replacing our lazy and lecherous Azazel and put an end to his career and even his personal life. Kataro develops a mighty serious health issue that lansd him in the hospital and in need of some serious surgery. Undine receives some bad news that drives her dating needs into overdrive while Rinko wins a free trip to a spa that might end up costing her dignity and her safety.

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Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Oh boy, where do I start? Let’s go with how this season is a lot, and I mean a LOT more controversial than the previous season. While the jokes and stories in the previous season certainly had some questionable or stale stereotypes, this season has some downright offensive episodes that could incite serious rage and discontent. The second season starts off feeling familiar with the level of lewdness being somewhat the same as the previous season but when we get to the third episode and the second story line in this season, that’s when matters get very complicated and offensive. To put it simply, there’s a character who admits to being a transgendered person who uses their profession as a doctor to take advantage of young men. With the whole political controversy that’s currently ongoing in the USA regarding public bathrooms and trans-gendered people, I cannot just brush off this episode without discussing it. I acknowledge that this story line and its jokes are extremely offensive and I wouldn’t fault you for not wanting to watch it. There are in fact other offensive jokes sprinkled throughout the season. Considering we ended last season with God making dick and poop jokes, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that we’ve hit some really controversial notes this season and I wish we had gotten to a place in society where we could handle such topics better for everyone watching it. I also think that it is possible to watch this show and enjoy its better parts and still acknowledge that it does contain some episodes that could have used more thought and awareness. If nothing else, I hope this review can act as a heads up for those who would appreciate one before starting this series.

Never put your faith in advertising.

Comedy and quality wise, this season was a little harder for me to enjoy thanks to the controversial episodes. That’s not to say that the entire season was worse, it was just a bit more of a rollercoaster than the previous one. If you are extremely uncomfortable with controversial topics such as forced sexual acts but still want to watch this season, I’d suggest you skip episodes 3,4,9 and 10. While episode 11 has a throwaway line about domestic violence and involves false accusations , I think it’s subtle or quick enough to overlook in favour of the great story it tells. I do have to say that this season had a very solid concluding story spanning its final 3 episodes which feel like such an appropriate note to end on but it still involves topics that have been heated subjects of discontent and discussion on the internet and in society.

Now when it comes to the animation quality, I watched this on Crunchyroll who offer it for streaming at SD and 480p resolution only. However since I watched this serious more for its comedy than its visual appeal, it never felt like it hugely detracted from the quality of its story and its jokes. I mean, do you really need HD resolution just to watch an extended two episode dick joke?

Oh, before i forget, there are a LOT of dick jokes this season with two major storylines/4 episodes involving two different giant dick plots. We’d all be lying if we claimed we picked this show up for an intellectual watch but still, guys, brace yourselves. (Ugh, that sounded like a bad innuendo). These story lines combined with the controversial episodes do make this season feel a lot more crass than its predecessor, which is saying a lot as the first season had some rather low brow humour as well.

We ALL know what private time means.

Now that I have laid out all the things that could possibly drive viewers away, it’s only fair that I point out what the show is worth watching for. If you really loved the first season, and are mostly concerned with skipping the most controversial parts, then skipping episodes 3 and 4 would be a safe move. However if you do not like the thought of heavily implied sexual misconduct then you might also want to skip episodes 9 and 10. Barring these four, while the rest of the season still has comedy that is best watched on your own or only with people who know you well or share the same sense of humour, the second season is still an enjoyable continuation of the series, even if it’s not as strong as the first. And luckily, even if you decide to skip the controversial episodes, the stories in this show are encapsulated enough that you can skip them without being completely lost for the rest of the series.

This season is also a lot more focused on the demon characters with almost every single story giving us a much more indepth look at the personal lives and problems of the demons and very little time ever actually spent focusing on Rinko and Akutabe. However if you really liked Salamandar or Beelzebub in Season 1, sadly this season doesn’t have any episodes devoted to them and both demons receive very little screen time. There are a couple of new demons introduced in this season, but their participation is limited to a couple of episodes. The main star of this season is mainly Azazel, who gets the most screen time and story lines and  to a smaller degree, Undine, and Kotaru who both get two parter stories. The demon focused episodes and stories are the best in the season and if you liked either Azazel or Undine, their episodes are definitely a must watch even if you avoid the rest of the season.

America; a nation whose craziness is known to all apparently, even demons.

If this is your first time hearing of this show, I’d suggest you read my review of the first season linked here or try out Season 1 for yourself and then decide if your love for the characters and the show is strong enough to continue onto a troubled second season. If the level of controversy and crassness in the second season worries you, I hope this review helps you gauge if you should watch or what to watch from the second season. While I did have to wince and grit my teeth through its more scandalous episodes, I did thoroughly enjoy the finale arc and think there is enough merit to warrant watching atleast the safer episodes of this season for fans of the show, or of Azazel and Undine.  The quality of humour does seem to dip a bit this time around, but for fans of crude humour and its first season, You’re being summoned, Azazel Z still has enough to keep its fans entertained…as long as you can avoid or understand its controversial parts.

Linny Recommend Badge

Recommended : only if you LOVED the first season and you understand that this season gets extremely controversial and offensive and you can either stomach it or decide you can just skip the bad parts.


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