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Synopsis: Two years before “Yuki Yuna is a Hero.” Sumi Washio is only in 6th grade, but she’s a hero who was chosen by Shinjyu to save the world. Sumi fulfills her role while cherishing her precious regular life with her classmates, Sonoko Nogi and Gin Minowa. The story moves onto Yuki Yuna from Sumi Washio. An incident occurs at the Sanshu Middle School Hero Club who used to have a peaceful everyday life.  (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)


1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Yuki Yuna’s 2nd season isn’t actually new content at all, at least not for viewers in Japan. These first six episodes are actually condensed/restructured versions of the movies released earlier this year. It’s only after we reach the mid point that truly new Yuki Yuna content will hit streaming services. But for Western viewers, who likely haven’t seen this stuff, know that much of the art style and flair is intact. There’s been some compromises, like CGI for longer shots or particularly flashy segments, and a bit more fan service as the camera holds on Washio’s body for lingering boob jiggles and rump shots during her transformation scene. It’s a tad disappointing, but a small component otherwise.

Linny: Like the original series, this new season offers up plenty of action, diving in right from the very first episode with an extended fight scene. However, once that’s over and we go back to the girls’ daily lives for a quick trip to a gelato shop to celebrate, things slow to a crawl. What was once non stop action makes way for inane and cliche school girl chatter. One could possibly still find it all sweet and adorable but it doesn’t make for the smoothest transition.

Never mind! I guess these girls are just extra forgetful.

Tom: The show works to truncate the early revelations audiences would already have been familiar with from the 1st season, thrusting us into the action much, much faster. But as Linny noted, things dive hard after the action dies down. The show becomes altogether too boring, unable to replicate the more compelling everyday content that was peppered throughout the 1st Season.

*Potentially significant spoiler to follow*

Linny: So far, our first episode is focused on Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi and Gin Minowa. Sumi Washio is the more serious and uptight leader while Sonoko and Gin seem to be the happy go lucky types who’re both a bit air headed. If you’re like my oblivious husband, it might slip past you that Sumi Washio is the original persona of the 1st season’s Tougou Mimori, although their personas are wildly different. This episode is also a little confusing in that it doesn’t make it very obvious just how friendly or close these three girls truly are. At one point, they seem to be well aware of each other yet in a later scene, they’re only just starting to form a friendship. It’s not a huge issue but still definitely one that could have viewers scratching their heads.

Like, seriously absent-minded…

Tom: If you’re like me, and apparently anime character blind, you might not have quite put together that Washio is just Mimori, the wheelchair girl from the first season. But assuming you’re not in need of glasses (better in my case), you’ll note that Washio holds an entirely different, more go-getter personality. She’s a try hard and heroic character, but otherwise becomes fairly boring during the later segments. Her earlier attitude is what keeps me interested, already well aware she and her friends are entirely too weak for the battles ahead. Knowing that this is a prequel, things will obviously get tragic and that makes this first episode feel like it’s trying hard to keep thing light and fluffy before then turning for the worse. But that approach isn’t working, not when the light and fluffy content feels so mundane.

*End of potentially significant spoiler*

Hey, maybe she forgot. These girls seem big on forgetting important things.

Linny: As someone who ended the first season of Yuki Yuna is a Hero very disappointed thanks to its conclusion, I approached this new season with caution and diminished expectations. What I’ve seen so far has done little to prove me wrong. It doesn’t help that this time around, the girls’ transformation scenes are a lot more sexualized as Tom pointed out above, which frustrates me as the first season didn’t have much of that nonsense. All in all, for now, I’d advise only the die hard Yuki Yuna fans to pursue this new season.  

Tom: I should make it clear I was never a big fan of the first season. It’s ending ripped many of the building consequences asunder and left me feeling like the tension had been a facade. Season 2 isn’t giving me a lot confidence either, with its troubled pacing and fluffy, borderline boring, tone for real world segments. I’m crossing my fingers things will pick up for this prequel run, but if not, maybe the truly new content will shift things around once we get there in six weeks.

“Take it or Leave it: Yuki Yuna Season 2 opens with a prequel that struggles to remain engaging and interesting.”

“Take it or Leave it: Yuki Yuna’s new season starts off jumbled and monotonous, best left to the most devoted fans of the franchise.”












Yuki Yuna is a Hero Season 2 is available for streaming via Anime Strike.

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